GOODNIGHT SUNDAY:Sketches rejoin

A piano couldn’t possibly chyme that beautifully, could it?This must be a mix of heaven and earth in a union of perfect harmony, an agreement only rivaled by the legions of angels in heavenly rhyme.

Yet in all that harmonic dispensation its beauty still sang a lull of comfort and unrivaled peace not only to my keen ears but also mellowed comfort and a flow of steady peace to my soul.

My soul so to speak knew comforts beyond the pain and solitude currently surrounding my being. In a split of joy and deficit of direction, only this allure of heaven upon surface of earth could win such an unprecedented duel.

In a resignation to fate hence, as though the glint and perfection of life itself now held reins to my entire life ahead, I take and find sweet refuge in this moment right here.

Am just learning to enjoy every moment in space.

Goodnight from….



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