BROKEN PIECES: Sketches of us :-3.

The pieces fall, little by little, their drones, their eyes, their watch, their cuffs, their chains, their encampments .

Sorry, the pieces fall, little by little😭😭, their drones, their drones can no longer man the skies:the universe proves bigger, the extent blows proportion.

No, imagination blows over and above their scope. See them crumble, see them fail. Their drones, their hearts, their darkened rocks of hearts.

Their drones, their toys, their every wild imagination, falls to naught, their wisdom, all mared as fooolishness, in triple ‘o’s of darkness. As the ones sentenced to doom rise. The graves too many, yet the Alpha’s will still bigger, so they rise as their condemers all fall away.

A ray shines through as hope comes alive. Omega reigns today and always remains true.



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