BROKEN PIECES: Sketches of us :-2.

Seated here, hands digging deep into chin

Feeling like the world should open up its belly

And swallow me already.

It is all coming to an end, right?

Sketching out and down to its pieces as should have been all along huh?

Yet how will my current worries sooth it out?

How will my consternations fix a broken world?

Am I of any essence to this play of events?

Could I do it any better than I have before?

Wait a moment, gimme a breather, hold up a hand

Stare into the prism of the world and be the judge on the throne!

To what end though you may ask?

Oh Treader, can you judge yourself now and hold you accountable?

Have you been good to your own world?

Have you made your life and those of others a better stay?

Do you stand accountable for all you are?

Hold up!


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