APRIL:Sketches into our dawn… Hear the truth call out.

Calm calls unto calm just as deep sure calls unto deep.A wave flows through the atmosphere devoid of words or sentiments to quip.The air hangs fresh as even the winds hold still…humidity is thus kept at a minimum on this beautiful 2nd day of April as the sun previously scorching our melanin skins now hides behind loose cirrus clouds in a stratus of dispersion.


Have you noticed that the last time we received a heavy downpour or even rain itself was 3 days ago,the 31st of March that must have been;call it a wave of goodbye to a long month to most yet a blessing to end the start of panic.I know not how to view this occurrence or rather seam of events as today holds no opinion of its own even after a curfew was thrown into place.


Speaking of curfew;this kind of shoves my balance off foot as in my most intricate of imaginations it plays no sense even with a bang to the head.I mean does any of this make sense to you? I doubt too yet we are still our placard selves that despite humiliating headlines through the wild-wide herald saying that Kenya has discovered that the scourge at hand in form of a virus only spreads at night,nothing has changed or say no one stands moved by such demeaning headlines.Who cares though?They are just a herald or newsroom trying to remain relevant huh?Well,do even my sentiments count at this point really?I highly doubt though PePa nudges my nerves to wreck havoc upon my fingers and sketch on in pursuit of relief.#


Relief right?Relief is what an ailing nation needs right now yet such may not come through a thousand sketches or even more,no.Relief of such can and must only be found within us because to him who was given the power to choose between life and death does the ultimate solution come from,right?Ask me not why since to whom much is given much more still remains expected,right?


Yet to require such a choice and bold step of a proud heart stands miles of yards to attain,huh?Still wondering where PePa is headed with such sketches and thoughts absent mind huh?These are the trails of a figure walking through a lonely road on a  boulevard of broken dreams;just as the rock band Green Day would have it after their car breaks down in the middle of nowhere and now their feet have to be their rescue.


So without losing you all to the sense of my tread along PePa,the choice hence handed is simple,to accept that there is a war at hand with the gravity of oncoming fatalities.To face such a war however,with the pride of money and riches coupled with the funding of our ego would be a fatal blow not only to our livelihoods but also the detriment and collapse of a generation.It is a moment that is thus set to define the humility of a people,a nation and a universe at large heralded by its own citizens if its leaders fail to come to the wisdom or even knowledge of such truths.


Being the 2nd of April and the beginning of a beautiful 4th month,filled not only with the blessing of a double portion of grace but also hope of recuperation from an onslaught from a deadly virus,a nation and our nation as such needs to let go of its lusts for riches and greed for more as it focuses on gaining wealth through a satisfied generation;this satisfaction hence will only come if this nation as a whole adheres to the core demand for true worship,surrender and relegation of all authority to the one source of all we are,to the Almighty and all knowing I am that I am.For this to take full effect,the citizens must hence refocus from their daily chores and redirect their strengths and efforts to true and sincere worship.


We must recognise that we have been unkind not only to each other but also to nature itself and as it fights back we too must return to our source and pouring our hearts truly to Him for a second chance,we can then hold Him accountable to His faithfulness and promise of love and mercy.In so doing,we must rethink our ways and re-amend our desires in line with a proactive environment that needs to be loved as much as we love ourselves.In such we will find that even loving each other and our maker will become such an effortless task devoid of a struggle but rather rooted in deep sincerity.


Easy now,you don’t strangle the messenger dear treaders now,do you?It might all seem harsh and an unrealistic analysis but for a moment take your time and re-asses the raging waves around us,over and above the skies flowing out to the entire universe,take a look through the telescopic satellites and with a clearer vision hold the entire world in the palm of your hands just like the great I AM does and now mete judgement upon it.


Oh,I wonder if your judgement would hold any mercy or even hope of renewal like His does,am sure a flood wouldn’t be enough to quench your anger against a generation such as this yet here we stand.You might say my analysis is flawed yet I wonder what your verdict for this generation would be.Go ahead then,share your analysis and let us see if you will leave us with hope for this new month or even grace in abundance like the Almighty has in store for us…will you?


So let us do the necessary as you partake your thesis and report on the entire episode,let us bow down in humility and in truth return to our source,let us worship Him in repentance and let us see if His mercies will relent at a time when we need Him the most. I believe His mercies will overshadow His wrath ….do you?


Amazing April.


3 thoughts on “APRIL:Sketches into our dawn… Hear the truth call out.

    1. Halo Fab writings… You have been quite lost. So refreshing to hear from you again… Don’t relent on the merging of the skies and earth in your beautiful pieces. Will come in quite handy in these dark moments as we look to the heavens and the Almighty to grant us reprive.

      Be safe my little brother and God shine His face upon you.


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