Never knew I was a book of surprises though I would love to write a book someday.Better still,most times I tried to pull this stunt so terrible was my fall I surprised myself.

She smelt eccentric,almost exotic as this came through as her middle name.Calm in composure,her face was covered in a smile caressing it all the way to the back of her pinking ears.

A deep and almost intense yet short timed moment was the conversation we so shared.Still it broke through nerves and provoked a desire for more.

With eyes deeply drawn into the ocean of the other,her’s quite proved to be the ocean she is whilst mine a mere stream in both size and strength.

At this point though,am sure she would draw back and say she is more a wild lioness than a wave in the ocean.Either choice lies correct and unchallenged as her name and eyes depict the ocean yet her star suggests a lioness in the femininity of leo.

Looking at it now more deeply,she plays no binary of the two in personality but rather the leo in her stars plays watch over the waves in her vast sea up out in the dark starry night.

Call it a total combination of God’s love in a single person all in a wrap of tender ribbon.

In a different world;say in a movie set,Hollywood or Bollywood,I would have comfortably fit inside her back pack as she was set to depart but for home;today however,this trip down the escarpment played a better note than most.

This, you wouldn’t understand however,unless you watched her expression as she stepped out the van for a breather of the heavily fresh escarpment breeze.With that breath,her eyes bore into mine almost unexpectedly into a union that rode a rush of pink blush across her bright cheeks to ease her jaws into a broad uninhibited smile.

She was taken at that very moment,devoid of any past regrets and absent any worries of tomorrow.

For today,she had no choice but live in the moment and as those ancient words took control,she let tomorrow worry about itself.


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