WELCOME TO JANUARY 2020:Sketches after the frenzy pt2.

The sun sets golden yellow behind riding trees across the city under the sun.A most common phrase not drawn so far but embedded into my heart by non other than David himself.I called him twice today and he wondered where the growth of love had emanated from.Maybe January joins us more or even brings us closer;there is always this sudden surge of newness and even a deeper sense of strength at the beginning of every solar cycle.A decade ago it was the close of campus and rush for attachments and new job openings:get something little for another start of the coming semester,nowadays however it is a different urge,an urge to grow and even transform into better human beings.A yearning to make everything around us bloom into perfection,perfection,the illusion at hand.


This year,that is two days ago(haha),Morena the espoused sent me a message saying February 1st sounds ripe for their wedding.I nodded with a big smile as if they could see it from the other end of the cell.Emojis come in handy at this point of a chat but PePa here knows not much about same,or at least most people he has met who use them end up breaking his heart:haha,never even thought about that but speaking of which now I guess my wife in seasoning better not use emojis or we are reconsidering the vows.Goodness PePa,who even uses emojis as a basis of a wife hunt?


So here we are again,3rd of January,so beautiful and filled with emotions as if it were a wedding day or vacation so much awaited for.The day previous I recall making a round trip round town to catch the sunset but in this ostentatious evening the heavens provide me with an unrivaled view all the way down to home,no I din’t actually get home right away as these beautiful rainbow lightings catch my attention and the lover of photography I am takes a turn and head towards them.Just like a moth attracted towards a source of light am I this evening as the sun bids me goodnight and glides safely to sleep awaiting to rouse my senses the morning next.This not without playing nostalgia to my senses and a lull to my nerves.


Speaking of nerves,today they all call and cry foul as my fingers relent on jotting away.Their frail however deters not my racing mind that is sure riding on overdrive.So jot away I have to even if it is the fingers alone that will do the walking absent of mind or thought. Haha,hilarious for sure;more like those talking heads raised on supporting rods without a body,yellow pages or void pages>? hahaha.


Into the mall I get for a shot of glistening lighting,the aisles seem almost empty for a Friday in Nairobi malls,the coffee shops almost absent of life and most shops closed.It seems like December brisked by to warn everyone of an ensuing tragedy.Tragedy?Haha,am no believer in bad luck but omens always work for me as precursors or reminders of happenings.


So here lies no tragedy in loom at all but a rapid depiction of the fringe and pinch the past festivities have had on us.Or better still I could be wrong as most could just be worn out after a long week so far though for one that started midway I find no better reason to depict thus.Still a twist is here as most of us seem to have been bypassed by the rush of December and have come to take late Instagram,Whatsapp status and Facebook display pictures;I mean where is everyone this beautiful Friday evening.


These two families across the square seem most excited as they hurdle together for an evening family photograph,the advent of smartphones that can not only talk back but also take pictures for life is a sure blessing.I mean if we can’t see this as a blessing then our forefathers would spit on us with a curse if they rose this day.Right ahead stand these two lads in a continuous click of shots after shot in a wake to get the best pose and insta-shot.I can’t help but smile to my heart.


Thank heavens for the death of all that frenzy as this desolation has sure brought me calm in this cafe this evening;making me aware of every single bit of my surrounding immediate and far.Check for example these new lovebirds seated across sipping on glasses of red wine;red wine signifies new love I suppose huh?They never serve white wine after a wedding in Church now do they?Just one of those crazy thoughts PePa has so don’t take him all seriously.They draw close to one another,tell funny stories(Or so they seem from my viewpoint),hug and smile deeply with long gazes into each other’s eyes,new lovebirds I scoff,maybe am jealous,but no,I was never born with any tincture of jealousy,most find it weird so but that is the truth.These two enthuse me and am even happy for them as I  silently wish them the best of love in this loveless society.


See even King Solomon the great and wise Sir of old could never really understand a young man when  he fell in love with a damsel.If you think am bluffing then turn to Proverbs 30:19b :-and the way of a man with a maid,though for it to make sense you gotta read from verse 18. Another guy joins these two lovebirds and their fire eases a little.Must be a third wheel as they call it but what is a young and lonely single man to do but be a third wheeler to a romantic new  couple;you know to give relationship advise and all?hahah,just PePa’s sentiments though.


My heart and mind drifts into the dark skyline off this canopy balcony,no goosebumps reign tonight though the music below eases me caressingly into calmness.The blue from the day has no say tonight and the heat prone to January has eased to slumber.Grey and white of the clouds course into a union to let me know that no state is permanent.God’s peace sips into my essence and His loving hands coarse me into a deeper ember of warmth and reassurance of His unwavering presence.I am lost into every ounce of peace from deep within as my coffee glass drains low,now I remember I owe someone a dinner if not coffee date as I snap back to the night at hand.


The roller coaster comes to a slow stop and all its rainbows wane into the dark night.The stars above twinkle more as they rotate on their axis a bit faster as though they won tonight’s contest in a cosmos man-made contest.Lights dim off into the rare dusk as music takes on the night with reigning peaceful melodies….nostalgia grips and deepens even worsened as traffic lights in the far end resign to just a sign and glow off with every honk…….Your perfume however,still lingers here within my heart…


The bright of that lady at the corner’s cigarette  wicks off as the durst falls upon the tray;the smell not that pungent almost choking disaster that most often shoos me off but this is almost magnetic with the wind blowing errant portions into my heart.The allure of dark chambers of soot is more than allowed off sanity as it almost draws me in.The power of an ooze of endless peace.


Am soon driving home,a quiet Friday night the 3rd of January.No noise comes from the clubs along my way home,they seem to all have taken leave too soon;a wick after the December festivities frenzy;maybe not all things are as smooth as they seem(Vitu kwa ground ni different) or maybe,just maybe we lost the truth of life on our path to discovery and a rediscovery school would play a more welcome tune.


The moon crescents softly over my head,almost mid-sky as the nights grows brighter ebbing off the darkness.This music on my current playlist is welcome sooth for the  night as Jesus takes my heart and makes me his,and I will see His glory here…..Yes here as the raindrops softly pad my rooftop to a soothing slumber into never land where dreams play a tune of beauty and hams the strings of peace…..

Goodnight or good morning.

Welcome to January.




4 thoughts on “WELCOME TO JANUARY 2020:Sketches after the frenzy pt2.

    1. Heeeey big bro Buckeye? Missed hearing from you Ricchard…Been on a busy buzz lately so doing the sketches has been a little limited …I thank God you can still enjoy them though and am humbled for your always sincere sentiments….I hope the sky is blooming from your watch and I can attest to that as it is still beautiful on my end…Bless you.

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