THE GLINT REAWAKENS:Sketches from my past.

The urge to put it down alongside PePa most always supersedes the reluctance to withdraw from its all time reality.Reality,huh?Someday am sure gone tread down this unprecedented path of realization;when the truth and actual altercation between truth and reality will set vision to my wandering impression.

It always starts with this strong persuasion that sips into my mornings the moment the sun’s rays get welcome into my heart.Today my dear PePa treader was no different,only jig to it is that today came with the tag 29th of December.Little did I know that this day would for all times remain a stamp in my subconscious.Almost like an anniversary for which only goodness would ever narrate.

On my end however it takes me down to my first ever glint in a lifetime.How this hit me is a whole book to narrate about my dear treader. No good day for me has ever often began on a high note and going back a solar cycle down this day takes me to one such moment in life.I call it a moment for ease of understanding however but it sure is a cascade of events.

What catches me the most about this day is that lustrous smile on her lips,the flow of words upon her soft tongue watered with the warmth of life itself…the longing look in her eyes devoid of passion but filled with a torrent of sweetness that you not only yearn to hear but ultimately swim in for a lifetime.

A close buddy asked me once if I had gotten over her but truth be told such anniversaries don’t help you much in getting over that once in a lifetime encounter.

My fingers tremble at this point as I try to put together this sketch down to perfection but then truth reminds me that it is a sketch after all.That hence means that it don’t have to be perfect in the least.

Her memories are sweet torture if I could be at least honest with me if not you my dear treader. It is a pathetic strain on canvas were I an artist of paint.I am one of words but this day all that artistic scope in me wanes into the nethers as my once beautiful horizon plays to be my tormentor in a place where she once was the dawn and start of a romantic love story.

The glint she once plastered so beautifully within the walls of my heart now plays like a Halloween horror movie that comes alive in my heart.To ease words into perspective,I have never been in favor of Halloweens and horror movies to me are just that,horror movies,why not watch cartoons all day instead or say national geographic channel.So this am sure plainly narrates the state of my heart at this point.

Speaking of heart,why does she never heed the warnings of mind most times if not ever?Heed what though when all this evening did was make me realize all that my heart had missed and yearned for for an entire lifetime and this day it all came alive.

I still see her face light up in the glow of the dim light upon the darkness,her brother was coming to pick her up at almost midnight and if asked then or now,I would never have wanted her to leave….she still hangs here and never leaves my heart in peace,I never want her to leave though leave she did a year ago.

It is December and I do not willingly do it,she just knew my heart well and chose to string the lines of music in it so I will swing to the tune that hums within till my heart finds rest of leave again.

If you are reading this Kare,just know that the sun is setting in the horizon to remind me that you awakened what once I thought dead to the elements within,you left a hunger and thirst for how a man needs to treat a lady,whether they love them back or not…….the sirens rise up across the streets and I know you could be on a trip to Hawaii or attending to a patient….

A gobble on this last glass of Sangria may not knock me over but reminds me that here we are again,years after the Katrina.

Another wave may come but we must be strong to embrace it and not let it knock us down.



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