NO COINCIDENCE IN LIFE:The sketches of God’s grace.

Am disconnected from the world around yet deep rooted to its soul within.It actually most often is a physical disconnect leading to a more spiritual connection that must spring forth from my inner being.Makes no sense often to the onlooker who is eluded to the fact that the more they look into the darkness or say depths so does the depth look back into them.A deeper aspect of the same eye that looks without is the same eye that is looking within.


The weather breezes through my nostrils to remind me that am alive.My lungs respond in retrospect as though it is the air without that gives it life within.Quite an ironic parallel in my perspective.


My hair follicles recoil from the elements softly cascading across their tips in brisks of cold currents oozing in from the waving wind above.This my dear treaders is the ultimate joy my soul always yearns for.The joy that can be drawn from a torrent of total turmoil clustered in arrays of ashes and garbage.The point am sure hits home right from this description as at now huh?


Asking by now what all this description gets us to,right?Nowhere in particular is the answer.Am seated hear trying to figure out life and the essence of it all.Am sure I may not be able to attain  to the fullness of life’s meaning so what I will do is to tell you a story about the power of all we set out to do and put our focus on.


This tale starts out back on a similar date as this.The 27th Dec 2018.Quite a slow day it started out as most after Christmas days do start back at work.Lazy and with a slack of energy that could bring the entire cosmos to its knees.Quite amazing that as I narrate this I am seated on the opposite side I was at the same time last year.Brings me to the aspect of nothing being a coincidence in life as it took me quite an internal debate before I could finally decide to come sit down and flip my fingers through PePa.This is Friday,that was Thursday yet both look within the same energy wavelength as today’s cold without personifies that day’s cold within my bones.


With my energies ebbing off and a resolution to do things the right way at hand,I found myself in my cold bed lying almost lifeless and asking for mercy from the Almighty and a chance at redemption.And He sure is faithful as true to my earnest prayer here I am again to narrate sketches of the same.I must admit I miss the beach,I miss the sun and the colors of the sky,but here I am with a lesson at hand,a full heart and an assured tomorrow from the precipice of near extinction.


Lying on that bed feeling life sip itself untamed out of my essence I made a vow to walk the right path,this is however a sketch for a later day my dear treader.


The next day came.In my regret of closing shop on Christmas day with all the booming business I had broken off from and now meager scrapes left in sales(the ungratefulness that is human nature)….I remember making a promise that come the next December,I would not close shop especially during Christmas festivities. Life had been hard if not almost impossible in my opinion that year.I initially thought 2017 was a nightmare till 2018 hit and I thought 2017 was child’s play.A quick reminder takes me back to the wise King Solomon in Ecclesiastes 7:10 ”Say not thou,What is the cause that the former days were better than these?for thou dost not inquire wisely concerning this”.Here I had however in desperation and utter lack of wisdom muttered words that truth be told could never be taken back.


Now it all made perfect sense  the truth in those ancient words spoken by the great I am,”The power of life and death I give unto you this day,but I would ought that ye chose life”…these became reiterated by the apostles in the New Testament texts when they said in James 3:8-9 ”But the tongue can no man tame;it is an unruly evil,full of deadly poison. Therewith bless we God,even the Father;and therewith curse we men,which are made after the similitude of God…..”


Fast forward towards the end of this year,a notice of vacation comes through at a most unprecedented time.Finances seem to be at an all time low and debts,meeen!these seem to call unto each other by first name basis at this juncture.Nothing seems to work and the prospect of acquiring let alone affording a new outlet doesn’t seem to break the mere knuckle of reality.When a phone call comes in and a friend needs aid you almost feel like they are mocking you to your face while in earnest they are genuine.


Your most sincerest prayers and fasts seem like a mock to the heavens themselves and you feel like the prophets of Baal during Elijah’s duel with queen Jezebel:almost as if your true God went for a walk and can’t hear you.At this moment you forget that God is not deaf not to hear nor His arm shortened not to reach.If you were to let logic take center-stage you are bound to consider the cost of a new manila rope and forget that God actually uses all your stumbling blocks into stepping stones …get my drift?


That was the slump I was in and a journey of faith got borne out of adversity.Lack became the power to growth and vision found course narrowed to truth,truth that my words and declarations had to find reality in faith and grow into fruition over a  time breath that seemed not to come to completion.When they said faith was a journey I would have almost mocked them but today ask me the same and I will assure you it ain’t one treaded by many.


Rolling to a week into eviction and grace pours down in a favor unrivaled.The new owner extends our tenure into a full month!Not in this city and not in this lifetime,a fete only possible by grace and favor again from the Almighty.Ask me again how it all happened and I will speak of nothing other than God Himself,He knows best,He has always known best right from before He placed me in my mother’s womb,His words ever true.


I am walking out of the shop on this beautiful and calm mid morning to go into the car and have a devotion long overdue,it is the 27th of December again,a full solar cycle from the first time I said I won’t break off for Christmas festivities.Those words cycled the whole universe and found me to this same day …she walks towards me this damsel and hugs me after a long time with no encounter.


Asking her why she came by without a call or inquisition as to whether I was around or not,she says she din’t have to call as she had come to fix her phone.My devotion passes by as we talk about the power of words.Two days earlier I would not have been in a position to assist her but today I did it without thought or logic,God had brought her right to my doorstep and nothing now fell out as a coincidence.He had made all things right at His time and worked all things together for our good.Even when I had uttered those words without thought a solar period back in time,He took them and used them for His glory.


Two sisters Muu and Keshi pass-by to get supplies for their mama,these have not been around for yet another two years drawn and here they come.We end up laughing and talking of God’s goodness and perfection in all imperfect situations.


So to cap it all up,this day brought more joy than money could have afforded me in a million years come.The sum hence seems undisputed as true to His words,He works together all things for good for those who are in Christ Jesus(Who love God) and are called according to His will.


The music in my background comes alive as I must now rise,today much healthier and at peace with what the Almighty is doing,content in the fact that I may not have all I want but He has supplied all my needs according to His riches in glory.##


To God be the glory.




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