MERRY FESTIVITIES:The sketches we miss.

What a year this has been and currently in wake trapped in the air of Christmas and a blow of festivities.In the heat of all this it comes so easy for us to literally forget who we are and where we have come from.

Not to bore you with an intended History class 101 am almost persuaded to bring up the most recent reminder by a once blooming yet now established King Kaka.I so candidly remember how a friend I have grown in business with so fondly mentioned how proud she was of the musician.Proud why though you may ask?She was proud because she had seen him sprout from a young struggling Musician,produce songs and get harassed in the process by the police and likes who din’t get very enthused by his perfomaces.To make it short,he had bloomed from Kaloleni a tender rose and grown into a cactus unwavered by the prevailing desert calamities.

He goes right ahead to mention the atrocities of our government systems in an unpopular hit of WAJINGA NYINYI.A gig that made us look at the authorities as gluttons and ill mannered yet it was all but reflective of our amnesia and foolishness to be so easily duped into tribal call groups leading to our ultimate divisions and the inevitable economic breakdowns down to a moral under-surge;call it being totally thrown under-siege morally,socially and even economically.

Well,this is just to jog up your mind to how fast we forget events and our own-selves in process.Detriment of this however,is that these events are the same ones meant to trim and shape our future existence and ultimate survival.

Let me for a moment make my inquest most understandable.I have not been a fan of Gaian documentaries especially most that touch on religion and faith.Ask me why and I will quickly answer reason for thus is that in the quest for knowledge and understanding,man seems to have exhausted his quest and thirst for the same and in retrospect began to question the same source of his existence relegating the truth that in actuality it is the reality of faith and hope that has been the root and water of his development.Did I lose you there?Forgive me if I did,read it again and it will make sense.

Back to the same Gaian documents I come across this very interesting inquest depicting a truth long thrown into the winds that civilization actually began a mere 5000 years ago whilst technology actually roots civilization as a continual process dating back to over 8000 for the Sphinx curvings of Egypt when the area flowed with waters and rivers.I can almost read your mind right now.You thought the Sphinx were built with stone and mortar right?Think again and this time round dig deeper.It is this same mind process and colonization that has made us overlook vital details of life making us get accustomed to usual and lose focus on truth…the same truth we need to make progress for a better today and an improved tomorrow.

Well,truth now is that civilizations din’t actually start just 5000 years ago but rather this 5000 has been a timeline of end of civilizations and start of others as depicted through history.The survival of a civilization hence has been shown to be dependent on the resilience and adaptability to change and growth.

This change and growth hence my dear PePa treader can only be brought about by our acceptance of a failed mindset and a deep desire to break from its encampment. Unlike the Mayan and Sumerian or even Mesopotamian civilizations,we must not only be able to predict the end of our times but also be able to get ready for them.This we must not do by lying to each other to build deep caves and stone hedges as the prior did but by making calculated and planned decisions that does not so easily forget where we have come from but knows that we can fall back as fast as we rose up.

It is a festive season and I shouldn’t bore you with threats of doom now,should I,but just as we was called WAJINGA SISI while thinking it was our leaders of the day aimed at,we can easily lose sight of our surroundings and think it is our leaders failing when actually it is us who are falling.

As we enjoy the moment,let us open our eyes to the bigger picture,let us see our goals and where we are at as we speak,let us not eat up what we have worked for the whole year in a single week of excitement.Let us share the little we have and together have the joy that sprouts not from abundance of money but from wealth of heart.Let us come back again and together make a society that will last for generations.Let us then open our eyes and see tomorrow more clearly than our ancestors predicted we would crash.

Let us build our civilization in earnest.



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