INSOMNIA:sketches of rest

Deep into the cold mornings she tosses

Turns to find her ebbing bearings

Wringes her fingers and curls into her hair

Morning fast approaches

As roaches leave holes to yet find warmth

Her expensive mahogany bed cannot afford such comforts

The cold bites deeper even in sheets of fine

Linen and silk imported far from Arabia

Turkish and Persian in a rival of titans

Brings no peace to a mind caught in between a battle

Of right or wrong and perception lost.

She tucks and pulls closer the sheets to ape sleep

As insomnia reigns higher and towers a shadow above her

Dwarfs her soul as heart cries please

The owl hoots in the distant baobab

Cars screech and hoots along the sidewalks

Heart jerks some more as comfort finds no rest in heart

A drunkard sings merry as he heads home

All these she records in her insomniac mind

See still light will strike upon gaze of dawn

And maybe tomorrow the hope of Salem will be met

With its King Melchizedeck upon His throne for all times.


And then soon,Peace,Salem,King,ultimate rest.

Sleep lil mama.


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