REST: The sketches of anger.

If I speak from a point of anger then man am not angry yet to the brim cuz hence it is emotions taking center-stage as reason is dissipated to oblivion.

If I speak from a point of action then it means heaven heralded me and see hell has no place for me.

So let us raise the voice of reason and not make it last just a season.Let’s think say a generation and if possible an all time vision.

See words mean nothing if all we do is sit down and not do something.See ears may all be bored and a splinter run through one to the other.But if reason in season embeds same then see we are out of prison.

See our prison is not of visible chains and bars of steel but a system eroded with a filth in occasion and into permission.Permission granted by you and me,running down into collision with purpose and a requisition for propulsion into a future that lays bare for all our wares lay waste in a field of oblivion.

Rest,yes please rest…Let anger not boil over into violence.Let anger not make us sin,let our anger not even be seen.Yes rest.

Let the pain ease,ease into our hearts,ease from our eroding morals and loss of self appreciation not quite intentional though.How so when we had a choice handed down but slapped off or quite chopped off the same hand that offered same solace.

We live in a society….or so I thought.Lately all I see are distinctions between,between those who have and those who think they have only for the same crumbs they deemed their’s to get snatched out of their trembling hands.

And yet another distinction plays to mind and teases the remainder of all known morality into a being without course.A man without anything to show for their’s is a tease of hand to mouth with nothing to put to the same mouth as bare lays the withered hand.

Withered by the same persons who promised hope in hundreds or did my eyes lie to thousands of jobs?

Oooh anger tickles my fancy.A fancy that has remained quite in words more than truth as yet again I don’t want the sun to go down when am still angry for hence am told that it will lead to sin.So let this anger remain in the day,so it would reach your end and ignite passion to action.

Rest,rest I tell my soul.Rest in the hope that this anger kindled by lies and charred to flames still longs to wake up to the reality that this all was a lie!


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