BLISSFUL NOVEMBER:sketches into the month.

November is beautiful let us be honest.Latest gossip I heard this morning or rather saw was that  the day’s president was wondering why the citizens and netizens included were broke?I smiled rather nonchalantly to this retort as I too have not the whim nor the understanding of this as I believe some have the answer better placed in this than mere citizens,huh?


And yet you wonder why to me November is beautiful,right?If you have been my ardent PePa treader then by now you will have the full-blown understanding that as the ancient Roman senators I could almost find my position among the populare of Julius Gaius Caesar,ruling in a popular belief of power to the people first and rule to the gentes,that is,the ruling class.


This however my dear treader is no History class 101 but rather a warm recap of the unfolding cold November.Quite an astounding way to welcome the beautiful break of December in my opinion.This still,save for the unending traffic slugs despite the massive  auto-recovery by mortgage and money lending institutions so I too with open un-condescending eyes will ask the same quiz as the day’s ruler,”Why are Kenyans broke?”


Will someone answer this rhetoric please?


So yeah,I will ease my concerns and drift from thoughts of massive money laundering and even un-gazetted projects that still have to be funded under ghost contractors.No,I will not mention the party politics that eat up massive funding,no,please don’t draw my attention to the billions in unproductive or cat projects that don’t put the grass root citizens into perspective but yet still sip up all if not all national resources.What about tenders in where the appropriation, issuance of certification and moderation down to the supply of the same all runs within the same family tree.Quite an offset for maintaining the family empire huh?Family empire in relation to government(populare) funds?I get a migraine at this point as even fingers itch to give up on tread.##


I even hear of office deputies wanting to gain full power and autonomy to higher and fire deviant employees from office when the main or ruling governor us out on errands,well,a sure thirst for power even these November rains can’t quench…..See why I try hard not to hear all these obscenities?


But now to illustrate the beauty of November is that despite all these concerns and the constant evictions within the city,not because of refusal to pay up but rather due to an accrued inability to afford same,here we find ourselves ”still going strong” as most football slogans would have it put.


I hence find my mind drift from the day’s sorrows and up into the heavens,into the beauty and calm of nature,into my rather blissful resignation as answers are missed in a wake of depressions and suicidal tendencies.NO,I will not succumb to the pressure and distaste already pressed upon my undesiring tongue let alone paths forced under my slacking feet to distress.


Is ignorance really bliss when a helpless,foot bandaged and unarmed university lass gets battered unarmed by up to  5 administrative police ‘men’ armed with shields,clubs and  teargas canisters for being caught up in a riot rampage?


I will find all the peace the world can not afford to offer within,within the deeper self that will always almost automatically create a shield for itself against all harm,within me here today,and I will look up with gratitude and say that despite everything,I am blessed to be here and to take into account all these impossibities that have yet to break their barriers right before my eyes…….


Well,still November is beautiful and with God’s grace on our side we shall surely overcome,just let it not expire upon your head buddy,nooo please don’t.


Take in every drip of rain along the panes and windscreens,enjoy every grip of cold biting into the bones as it makes caress upon flaked skin and don’t lose sight of the grey cloudy assurance upon the skies.All these plot to make November memorable…..sink into it.



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