MY FRIDAY RUMBLINGS:Sketches into the night.

It is a beautiful Friday evening,the 8th of a glorious November.From my view hangs a split sky of unequal evenness of mismatched clouds amongst a splay of stars.Mismatched in sense is meant to be a beautiful display in this array.My surrounding and in most cases feel of weather always plays supreme in my mind so never mind this unnecessary description.


An unsure day precedes this evening to me as both cold and heat both strove in tandem only for an even temperature of 25 degrees in the celcius to come to par,quite solemn in my view.Peril to this is that the maroon vogue jacket had to remain tucked in my backseat,a position she has almost become accustomed to.If only she had actual feelings to notice its neglect.Thank the heavens she comes in handy this almost cold evening.Do you at this point note that November has sure gained in degrees of heat by now,to mention this part of the tropics though as the Northern hemisphere seems to be beating down on the lows of winter.


Speaking of surroundings,the buzz of music in the back,no,today the boom is right in my front.For a moment am perplexed at how I came to agree to this arrangement as it is since I love music playing in the background and not right ahead of me,sick,huh?No,almost romantic if you ask me,just don’t ask me what is romantic about it cuz even romance is totally twisted in variation lately.


Long gruesome and almost nerve cracking week this has been if you ask me.Yes totally nerve wrecking it could have been but with it came a promise of chocolates from the heavens as I will have to  share in an oncoming post.Let us hold the reins tight to this for a moment.Don’t let your hinges burst their seams from the wreck thereof….


I don’t want to miss this moment however as has been my almost all time slogan this far.Don’t miss a moment,not in space or time,not in passing or lingering,just make sure you savour every drop and juice of it that drops dew or say honey upon your head.This my dear Pepa treader is the ultimate bliss.


See for example this Spanish ballard playing right now with words I would count no claim to understanding in the least.Truth not be missed however is that every unknown word in sync with the mariachi beats is welcome soothe to my varicosed nerves at the moment.A masseuse would add to the gist but no,they would interrupt the flow I believe.


Ever wondered how we enjoy music whose lyrics we have no absolute clue to meaning or purpose?I call it blissful ignorance as the moment you understand its meaning you stop loving it,hahahahah ain’t that sick or what?As for this moment however,as long as these folks sway gayly upon the rhumba floor then I think all is well,huh?If only life was taken in such unbothered strides and sway of ignorance then we would all die beautiful foolish deaths,right?


So all am doing at the moment is staring into my starry clustered sky amidst the  soothing ebb of the Spanish ballad that has so far thrown in a swing of  salsa….Oh how I wish my body was that gay upon the dance floor…to enjoy the ease of flow I see portrayed herewith.However,no one ever got hurt from being an onlooker,right?A position I have so far become accustomed to.Speak of finding all manner of excuses for having two left feet,hahahah.I wish they actually called me as a private observer during their election riggs as I would never miss a thing.


In walk these young lasses all confident and fit in their composure…A waiting space of two lounge seats for four welcomes them and soon their table gets a fill of cocktails.The excited chatter they came in with soon ebbs off into taps upon their smart phones,smart phones smart phones,to who shall we shift the blame of this distraction?The inventor of the same or the persons who use and get lost in them to the detriment of  beautiful conversations?I mean it is Friday for crying out softly,you guys have had an almost impossible week looking for paper bills(I thought it was at the Central bank but we all out here looking for it),and here you meet up only to get lost behind your smart phone gadgets?Well,this is more of a question of is money really bad or are human beings the perpetrators of its beauty?


My arena is massive and ruminations expansive,I could almost go on all night about what delights and what disgusts me this evening but even a night out never really played to my liking.Hence then,I am tempted to take a side step to this rumbles but soon get drawn in by the traffic building up in the streets beneath.Am not sure if calling the backroads in this side of town streets is ok or not but hey,am I  a wise man?no!Linguist?Far be it from me for if it were so then that French class back in High School wouldn’t have been such a jig to warrant my being kicked out of class,ouch,blings a lump to my throat.A consolation to that episode however was that my tongue couldn’t quite roll with ease like most of my counterparts,thinking about it now,these guys would have put in an effort in teaching me some more.Maybe still we all learn at different paces but,but the education system,I mean our local education system,does it even put our desires into consideration?


I know I drift a lot but please allow my Friday rumblings enjoy there tread for that is the whole essence of rumbling,right?I was told,go to school,study hard,beat the other kids in class and someday you will get a good job…so vast,so ambiguous and unconventional.I mean,who told this system that I even wanted to be employed in the first place,and even if I did want to who told them that I,independent thinker as I am would in the least survive to payday in that same establishment.Calls for humility maybe,but…still the word but crawls up uglily you may say ….I think the system missed a step,maybe two or even several in its acquisition and embrace of all uncharted though borrowed education system.


In this quest and thirst for borrowed education it forgot its own citizens’ needs and aspirations.Threw caution to prevailing predicaments and the need to solve these same predicaments in an African if not Kenyan way and in process we mostly found ourselves in a rat race quest for good education and hence employment and subsequent retirement.Employment of which is not guaranteed in the first place and retirement at an age that warrants no working,a strain to work till the last year to cling onto retirement benefits……what a detriment of human strength….So while we cling and almost clammer for these job opportunities who is on the other end creating them?Is it again a picture of money being an evil or the persons behind the money being the perpetrators of its detriment?


Ooops!Did I just throw shade at a failing system or is it just a part of my unending rumblings?My night is growing old as it is and yet I need a few more hours to see this evening fully utilised so to edge off my rumblings I will let PePa tread your eyes and hearts as I sink into the night with gratitude.


Till later,adios from PePa.













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