GOD IS GOD ALONE: sketches of trust.

When all seemed futile

When darkness was all around me

I looked and lo,the waves crushed fast towards me

In a moment I closed mine eyes in fear

And then looked fear in the eyes

Told him that I had one greater than he

One who could crush my storm

I looked up unto you as fear he recoiled

You came to my aid from the swelling ocean

Yes it beat all around me with threats

But your righteousness it could not win against

Like a puddle of water you swept it all away

For from the heath ashes you lifted me up

Like a broken dove with wings of silver and gold

My eyes they welled in tears

For all shame you turned into your glory

All fear you turned into your praise

All hurt you turned into rejoicing

As tears now well in nothing but gladness

The once rage and surge of ocean is turned into a well of gladness

A hope so little turned into a precious treasure

The treasure of your love and peace overflowing

So ancient words now bold into truth

That in the world you will face many troubles

But fear not for I have overcome the world

So my heart swells beyond my chest

As words lose form and your praise takes shape

In tears of joy and unspoken words of praise

Lost in the sea of gladness and well of beauty

A beauty borne from your words of faithfulness.

What then shall I say O God?

A mortal me you love with passion?

It only makes you true and faithful beyond words expression

So let my words hold no more

Let your praises resound the more.

For you are God alone and always will be

Your name be praised and lifted as it be.



4 thoughts on “GOD IS GOD ALONE: sketches of trust.

  1. Indeed God is a wonderful and amazing God,this kind of God is the one we serve,his ways goes beyond all,they alway leave us amazed…..all glory goes back to him…

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