YOU OR I: Sketches of self destruction.

See I,see you

Treading different paths

Yet all same course

Drawn so apart from one

Yet claiming same vision

See I see you

Lost in worlds born without

See you see me

Lost in own self and stranger to life’s true purpose

You mock,I mock

I mock,you block

You soak,I break

I break,you quake

See I,see you,

See you,see I

All lost in own-selves

Wish we all but closed eyes

To self and will of sole purpose

And looked well beyond reason

And so find season beyond self

And grow as you and I,together in one accord

And not lost out of course,forged in tales of you or I

But draped in You and I,ribboned as one accord.

See you,see I,and now we reigns supreme.



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