THE TICK THAT HOLDS ON:Sketches of depression revisited.

Seven minutes to midnight.I always loved seven.To others ten was almost the ish.A sure beginner of countdowns.Yes a pure blissful countdown would make much meaning from ten.But only to the common eye.

Yes deep calls unto deep so was it written and that which is written depicts the spoken.A call to which ancient origin would mean that same has to pass into completion rather than obliteration.

Never mind my mingle and swoosh of words.All leads to same end depicted from start.

So yes seven I gain and completion is eminent.Don’t lose sight on common perspective,rather,stay rooted in deeper depths.

The head pangs surely not from hunger but a grind of day so rough and gruesome.The body almost gives way as heart pours a wariness unsalvageable by mere tissue therapy.More like a disease of the mind.

The second hand ticks and so drags the minute,seven boils to six and hits a grace of five.Heart wanes in process as spirit roots for strength in drag of time.

If you aren’t keen then a call of desperation could mean the rescue of you.Rope to the neck in moments as such sounds calmly,even mildly acceptable as body and mind tells body it has no more breath left in it.That a wrap around the neck in a sling of death would be the saviour of life…..

But just as body and mind gives in to depression,seven counts down to midnight and the strike of zero is a sure show of hope.Hope in yet another day.A sign that all the stumbling blocks of the previous day have come crumbled.And here in its space form takes root into the beginning of hope.

Hope,embedded in a faith almost crushed to its knees but yet stands saved by a hand that never pulled back.The hand of the Almighty.

So yes,just as you saw the pain take effect and will get lost to the winds…Just as all seemed blown into the never ends,yet that little tick and tok was braided in the weaves of His love.That yes a little faith,that little urge to trust and hold even onto stupid hope was all you ever needed.

Do not let go even if it is the last breath you got.

Hold on,your last is just your start.



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