BREW MY ICE:sketches of perception grow into a miracle.

He laughed and played with other kids,all excited and in a mirth unexplainable.Granny was around and just like for most of us back in our earlier years there was this kind of joy that you couldn’t deny any of us when granny was around,remember?Those moments when mama couldn’t get close to us cuz granny would come to our defence,when we could run outside and play in a pool of mud,come back yelling into granny’s arms when the other kids chased after us?When mama saw our dirty clothes and started screaming we would cower behind granny’s sweeping marinda for safety?

Then when the time for him to leave came, he even joked about it with the other kids and it all looked amazing.”Granny let us pray before we go to the hospital,”he said,and holding his tiny yet energetic hands she whispered a prayer of God’s grace.You could almost get swallowed up in his excitement as he said a big AMEN after the quick prayer and ran off into the car.Such a blessing this young lad was I actually envy him.Put me in his shoe at this moment and I would have run and hid myself behind the mulching tomato seedbed and the emerging banana plantations in the backyard,they would later send a search party for me,but not this bundle of joy called Luke;he was in his own space of energy.

They then left:papa,mama and little Luke and in no moment they was at the Aghakan hospital not so far away.Call it a stone’s throw away as my lower school English teacher would have me pen it.

Granny was on her way back to the countryside,the beautiful Laikipia plains.How breathtaking and expansive the view is is yet a tale for another day.But for a moment picture the sun going up the imposing Mt Kenya peaks and glowing the clouds yellow with a tint of gold as you drive down into the plain at around 6.30 am.Yes I have said this before but even a blind man would love that view……better still picture the glare off the ice capped tips with the dew of the morning and before you is a stretch of unending smooth flow of tarmac.Ask me and I will say that even my urban residence is nothing to match this overwhelming beauty….we have been duped in the city,please if city life is your dream i pray you have a change of perspective or come with an intention to better it and not reap from it.

A call came to granny just as she was about to leave and drive down those beautiful Likipia plains to catch her disappearing sunset.She was needed at the hospital and Louis,Luke’s dad had to go pick her from the house.

Here we now stood as Luke was ridden into this waiting paediatric room with a gas mask on and catheters all in place.He lay motionless and immobilized as per doctor’s prescription.The operation that was meant to be a simple one as I had earlier mentioned in the previous BREW MY ICE :Sketches of perception grow. had now gone “down south”.

The four to five hours we had been with Dave waiting hopefully for Luke to come out of theatre suddenly seemed futile at this moment.I am carefully picking my words at this point as the situation looks O so fragile.

Luke’s dad walks in behind the bed alongside his mum Helena.Her face seems teary and swollen,the plight of a beaten mum.She now holds her son’s life in her sleeves,Louis on the other hand doesn’t seem to be of any help as he looks ultimately trodden upon by this situation,totally heaped to the end of a dirty mole-hole filled with flashing water.

That strong smile he always holds and stubborn will always cuffed to his collar seems lost into the abyss of despair.I honestly don’t like the energy in this room at the moment.That cloud of desperation lurking in the room seems misplaced in my opinion yet totally hovering the room into a complete cover of darkness.

Helena held in her hand an inflated balloon tipped at the end of a pipe-stick.She stared at it as tears lingered on the edges of her eyes,on this balloon sat a rather beautiful sketch of a smiling human,sketched to perfection by the tender steady hands of Lucas himself at lunch.You could see his joy pierce through the sketch and even as Helena retold how jovial he had been just a few hours back brought his gay presence into the room.For a moment she forgot about his helpless form laying on the theatre bed just a two meters away.

I draw closer to her as at this moment everyone in this 57sqf room seems so distant from each other;you wouldn’t blame them as pain can sometimes take quite a toll on almost all of our senses you know?But still forgive my wandering mind,it is amazing how pain tears us apart within but totally draws us all together in a span of a single moment.It is in such moments that you get to feel true love not said in words but wrapped in a silent cord of unspoken truths.In this very tiny but seemingly huge room today I saw Luke’s two grannies,one from Meru,another from Laikipia plains,his uncle from Nairobi and aunt from Meru,a night’s travel as she joined the room early morning.On one end in a friend to his uncle’s and on the other is Jaduong,papa’s friend.Don’t forget I had joined in with Dave a few hour’s early.Do the math cuz am not so good with numbers but right here was enough love to pass round in this tiny room.

“Luke is gonna be okay,he is a strong lil son of a gun filled with God’s grace,”I tell Helena.She manages cracked smile through her swollen eyes and tells me she believes he will make it.”Can you imagine he was so happy and playing with his friends and then we come to hospital and this happens?” she adds.I tell her Luke is fine and all he needs is a little good positive energy from papa and mama and he will be alright.She smiles more and leaving her I go over to Louis standing against the reception counter as Dave picks an international call on Whatsapp,that must be Morena from the seas over.It is late and she hasn’t been wished a goodnight yet.Thank God for the advance of technology communication has been made so easy a new born could crack it.

Jaduong’ stands in contemplation near the hospital guard who is sharing the room ensuring everyone is comfortable.Louis is now leaning on the reception counter,one hand on his waist ,almost akimbo as the other rests withrawedly on his left chin.All that light skin on his face seems all but faded if not pale at this juncture.

“Sup buddy,why are you so downcast?I ask as if I had not been in this same room this past many hours waiting just like all of them,”I think we are giving Luke the wrong kind of energy and I don’t think it is good for him!”…did you know we could be here worried to death about him while he is having a bowl playing with his friends in dreamland,I mean,God could be holding his hands right now taking him for a ride of his life while here we are all here beaten down with sorrow and fear.”He smiles a little and tells me I could be right but then being human,a father and with your child in that kind of position it is almost impossible to think in those lines.

I actually understand his plight at this moment as is the plight of a parent on the verge of losing their only child,amazing bundle of joy for that matter.He goes quiet and my stubborn self can’t leave me at peace.I remind him that positive vybe is the only way to go.We are in a position where Helena feels like the world under her feet is caved in and the only anchor to Lucas is her,”You on the other hand must be strong for wifey you know?”He looks up and nods in acceptance,like a final surrender to the actual reality,a reality I had asked him earlier that what would he have preferred instead?Luke to be in that bed or himself and he had quickly said himself,quite a common rhetoric with any parent I believe huh?The realisation that he needs to be strong for both mama and Lucas brings new hope in the air.

Time lapses and we are on our way out.I look back at Louis and ask them just as the doctor had earlier suggested to go home and take a rest.Helena would take non of it however and insists that Louis goes and rests,that she will only leave this hospital with her son in her arms,total will and love of a mother,I believe this is the faith Jesus spoke about, the one that is able to move a mountain and dump it in the ocean.I am amazed at this will and abacked at the same width.

It dawns on the both of them that it wouldn’t be any better if another person’s son or daughter was in that bed instead of their son.They then realise it is a test of faith and strength to hold on being put at play in this room.To make the evening more beautiful is the unforgettable depiction of love from both grannies,into the end of the overlap of the night Helena’s mum plays a good capture of God’s love in our hearts,you can see the joy play in her still strong eyes as she recounts His grace and favour, a reminder to be strong in faith and not to be afraid.She reminded me of grandma’s fireside stories in the BIRTH OF THE SKETCHES Such beauty displayed through experience and resilience…..

I head home in a drive into the night feeling all hopeful and full of energy,a revival kicks within my heart as the next few days are filled with a constant prayer and plea to God,I can not afford to lose faith at this point.Every morning I rise up is a reminder that God’s grace for Luke is still at work,a nudge that he is nearing his victory,that the battle is not his and that God nearing His victory through this battle that was neither Luke’s nor our’s.

I call Louis every day after the next as I check up on Luke.It actually becomes a hopeful ritual.

it is day 2 and he is still on the gas mask,day 3 I believe and on calling am told he is breathing on his own and off the gas mask.Day 4 goes by under observation and day five is here with us,no 5 it was and this was a portion of grace in my heart.The burden was lifted as Luke gets discharged.

Who cares about the bill at this point?Life is more precious than any of this,imagine the consternation and distress,the sleepless nights and uncertainty all along,I mean,no amount of money was worth that kind of pain.The miracle is done and nothing can ever beat it at its best.The helpless lad is now back to his energy and all I can say is glory to God.



Did I mention that on the day Luke went into an induced coma was the eve of his mum’s birthday?A birthday he would never forget,borne in the love of her son.

And this is how my friend the miracle on the mountain comes right into our hearts as the perception grows into the love of God through the beating heart of little Luke.Can we baptize him to Lucas now????


3 thoughts on “BREW MY ICE:sketches of perception grow into a miracle.

  1. What an ordeal for a parent to go through. And to be strong in faith at this time is difficult without others for strength, support and prayers and am glad you were able to do that for them and plead with God for a miracle.


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