Bursts of rain,in succession yet relentlessly interrupted by the same clouds that yield them forth.Amazing drizzles these are to weather my already beautiful day.In this not even the most hardworking husband would want to leave their beds,makes it even worse with an amazing wife in your arms.Oh see the death brought to play by cascading fantasies.

My sky rumbles yet again as if in labour and ready to deliver another twin of her downpours but what follows instead are soft drizzles…Oh drizzles how they torment my existence though with soft tributes of love.The simple reminders of what life offered before PePa yet a beautiful precursor to the amazing days yet lying ahead.

Ahead you may quip for me for there is nothing you would ever deny a human being,whether man,woman,or even little baby and leave them crippled apart from hope.Hope as it is remains the core drive to existence;the steam and engine of life and the reason we wake up everyday despite the shortfalls of yesterday.

So hope is all I got today for better days to come whether I will be in them or not,Whether they will be for me or for another still I hope and hold onto that faith like it is all I would ever have.

The cold bites through my knuckles and it don’t seem like am leaving this house today;for a cup of coffee maybe though even that ain’t much reason yet.I need more convincing to leave the comfort of this tiny four-walled aboard,something more real and tangible.Outside my open windows the drizzles feel almost caressing to my conscience and the sou d of hooting cars the juice to my flow…I want to remain in this instant for all eternity though that would beat the logic of all diversity.See why I don’t use curtains?I mean,how else would I take in all this beauty behind heavy curtains not to add the expense they would cost my freedom,pun intended….So for now,let them hoggle the bottom of my wardrobe and me,let me busk in this romance with nature……

Netflix and chill sounds more like a plan,hahaha ,,,always a plan for all antisocial behaviours you know?Not to crucify or discredit the service providers but what dyu do when you are done browsing through all social networks and today,I mean at this very moment your fingers don’t feel like getting dirty with pencil,rubber and paper?The next viable option then becomes Netflix and chill though for one not so used to sitting and staring at a screen for hours on end this also becomes a cascader into your ruminations.

Only one option is hence left at this juncture,to enjoy the one thing that keeps changing yet always remains amazing;the work of God in motion,and that can only be sweet darling nature.So on let us romance.

Closing my eyes I can visualise the beauty of His caress through it all,the handy works of His might…Am taking it all in just as Berlin would in the series premier Money Heist as he tells his younger brother the Professor,while closing his eyes and tilting his head upwards,”Relax little brother,you can only enjoy this moment like it is the last and stop worrying whether things will go wrong or not.”

Yes,for now hence,stop complaining about how bad the weather is and enjoy every bit of it like it is your last breath……



7 thoughts on “BLISSFUL WEATHER:skEtChEs oF BeAuTy.

  1. Hussein, your prose starts my day here under, appropriately rain-filled skies. In a bit, after one more cup of coffee, my pen will be busy crafting, inspired by your blissful sketch my friend.


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