BREW MY ICE:the sketches of perception take form.

The sun sinks beautiful in its yellow gold decadence beyond the beautiful palm trees lining the highrise parklands skyline.It is such a beautiful exchange even a blind man would see.

Before I lose you here,let us pick these sketches from the previous Brew my ice at BREWMYICEHERE

It creates an aura of calm and if someone,woman,man,child or just anyone told you that this evening carried gloom with it you would deny it.Gloom,huh?Sometimes I wonder why we even have to be gloomy at all;most will say it is human nature,a rhetoric that for all heavens knows why has never enthused my understanding for whatsoever reason.Almost crawls me out of my skin I may add.Human nature …..such a nag and killer of all truth.Only solace I get are the beautiful wise sayings from non other than the bearer of all wisdom man has ever known,Solomon,yes,the great King Solomon.Most times I envy the guy.

I mean,imagine God asking you to choose anything you would want to have in the entire world and you go screaming wisdom?Who asks for wisdom with all the troubles in the world when you could ask for wealth,women,cars,houses,power….this last one am sure a great chunk of us would go for,right PePa treader?But not King Solomon,no…dude asks for wisdom and he must have been a lil sneaky one this Solomon huh?He knew that God had everything he could ever need and with wisdom would have opened a world of possibilities to him so yes,he asked for wisdom.

Thank God for Solomon’s lack of selfishness because as I slowly follow this traffic to Aghakan hospital I am saved by Solomon’s inspiring words from Ecclesiastes chapter three:”To everything there is a season,and a time to every purpose under the heaven,” and today hence is a time to be sad as I come to find Dave on the ICU wing of the Aghakan hospital.All the while as the car is checked for security and I yet again lack parking space (though available at the departed/reserved doctor’s sections),my mind is taken on a journey of thoughts of which rarely get answers in gest.You can call this a trance in moment as I find a downcast and gloomy Dave waiting, the omens though had already showed me this.

The same same omens gave me a kind of comfort uncommon to man,the peace like that Jesus promised before leaving the disciples as recorded in John 14:27 ,”Peace I leave with you,my peace I give unto you:not as the world giveth give I unto you.Let not your heart be troubled,neither let it be afraid.” So with the same confidence and comfort(For now it dawns on me that God knew we would need this comfort at a time as this.)I look at Dave and ask him How Luke is doing.He tells me he also hasn’t seen him though still he has been in theatre for sometime.

We settle down assisted by a most amazing security guy,God bless his soul.This gaurd had no bitterness common with most security persons I have met in this city or without.He was calm and composed and most of all concerned about our comfort as we waited for Louis and Helen,Luke’s parents to come out of ICU.I mean truth is,the guard din’t look like he earned much financially but the calm in him showed you that this was someone happy and proud of his work.He was filled in my opinion with the same peace Jesus spoke of.And no amount of money or riches guaranteed his happiness or joy for that matter because he had it all within him.He was content as a hospital security guard and did his work with a passion.He saw wealthy persons walk in and out of ICU over his time in this hospital wing and knew that no amount of money could buy health or the joy he had.

This in essence threw us back into contemplation and for a moment we all forgot that our hearts were even heavy.We saw life through the eyes of gratitude and joy through the hands of love.Through a hospital guard. Such moments sure make me look at the heavens in awe and the maker of them all speechless and totally impressed.I whispered a prayer of glory to God at that moment.

An hour passes by as we wait and yet another rides upon it and by now 10 pm is at hand.Not so good for our tummies which rumble in pangs of emptiness.We hence find our way into the hospital restaurant,lovely I must admit as it is one of those high end restaurants in town.Still,despite of all this sereness in the restaurant,a sad wind plays in the air.The waiters have to keep smiley faces to ensure all these persons waiting on their loved sick ones have to be attended to and feel happier.

It is not hard to miss an aged man get the best attention from his help,another younger man in this case.He is careful and concerned about him,treating him just like you would a toddler,with love and tenderness and his also aged wife watches and ensures all goes well.He reminds me of the hospital guard and I can sure feel real unconditional love play in the air,beats the sad air that was once floating around.To add to this magnificence is the fact that his wife almost catching up with him in age is here right by his side,oooooh the beauty of true love and growing old together….

We get back to the hospital wing and Dave hands the guard who had taken his time to show us where the restaurant was a piece of Samosa we had gotten for him.Must have been a chicken Samosa,chunky and filling.He smiled broadly as he directed us to the cool waiting room again and assured us that everything would be okay.If we ever wanted a genuine smile and appreciation then we needed not look any further,this guard had it all.

We chat a little and soon Luke is bed-ridden swiftly into this section of the hospital that had been made ready for him.Behind him are Louis and Helen looking like the whole storm had dawned on them.In their faces lay both the burden of seeing your child lying helplessly and you healthy but in no position to help in whatsoever way,whatsoever way though could still be a perception.

He was unconscious and on a gas mask hence life support as it was reported,there was an inflow of fluid into his lungs during a simple surgery that was meant to clear his windpipe.Did you ever know that things don’t always happen as we plan for here we was,looking at Luke “fighting for his life” according to human perception,but was he really fighting for his life?was there a way by any chance that he could win this battle with fate?could the doctors save his life?

Many questions that can only get realer in the next sketches of Brew my ice:the sketches of perception.



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