A BATTLE OF THE TITANS:Sketches of God’s might pt2.

This is my beautiful city by night.

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A silent afternoon,heavy clouds hang low in the sun-forgotten skies.Not to ignore fully the evident presence of heat in the air.The sun,always silent in oft cases but present harshly on the fringes of our skins.Silently biting into the spikes of cold hair along the seductive tingles of skin.I almost feel seduced by nature at this variant point;seduction in which case always goes either way….

my head lightens and guard offsets in balance,almost losing myself to the elements.It feels like am lost deep in the desert and almost sand-beaten,with sprays of hot sand caressing my paling skin.The only hope of survival is the mirage on the desert cascade,looking so near yet so far in the horizon.

I hear the voices in my head,they are calling unto me;to what end I have no idea but then here I stand,transfixed ,wondering whether to heed to the calls beset in my conscience or to stick to the reality that is my present.

Present reality?Questions and meanings most times I loose.Question is what is present and what is reality?Most times it makes no sense as we get mixed up in both the two,hahahahaah;we laugh at ourselves when nothing seems to make sense.A trick most apply and I think even down to the animal kingdom,right?But we are all animals with basic instincts I might say; flip-side to this however is that a heated argument could hence soon ensue as most persons if not all have different opinions I believe?

I would love to return to my present and relay what is happening though the obscenities beset me and I have no idea where to return to.Lingering in my newly acquired reality, it is so easy to take in things with the facade they portray but loose the actual truth hidden within.

The sun strains to get past the clouds and battle seems to be won by the pregnant clouds.Pregnant?you will think they will bring a new age but what seems presently however,seems like nothing but a heavy weight sumo fight.Sumo fight;we all know that in a sumo fight,the heavy weight suffer little to no pain.Say a broken nose here,a bruised thigh on the next and maybe a break in the ring.

Now,break in the ring,this is where it all boils down to.This my dear PePa reader, oooh I forgot PePa treader,is the juice of the meal.

In a far far away country,over the hills and down the treacherous valleys,going beyond the pyramids and across the red sea(I believe it’s the land of King Solomon;remember the one that beautiful Sheba had to come visit with a caravan from the south full of unseen before spices?)He said that,when two bulls fight,it is the grass that suffers,or maybe it’s not him who said that cuz a similar african rhetoric goes something like,when two grasshoppers are in tango it is the crows that rejoice.In this case I see that the crows rejoiced as the hoppers hoped right through each other’s lives.

Perspective again I say is a key determinant in many a scenario you know?The sun boils up in an anger unrivalled beating down cruelly through the clouds which in turn holds back the rays.Mistake is rays still fire through in a heat unsummoned leading to a burst of energy beyond containment by the enthusiastic clouds.

The winds onlooking in anxiety rises up to the rescue of the clouds.This is a power play in display and with noone in the heavens relenting,one unwanted effect becomes hence the natural outcome.

With the rage of the wind in a constant build up as she advances and retreats,the trees and all elements on the ground have no option but to sway to this music.A music not so pleasant as still at the corner lies the law of physics.Tension builds up on skyscraper buildings and without more tensile strength to hold is a snap upon same.Still the wind caught up in a rage high above between the heavens holds to the ground for anchorage and this I must admit becomes the blander of all times.


I almost forget the heat upon my skin as I watch this unpleasant play without a referrie. To run and hide behind walls seems the best option at the moment yet even the same walls have no pleasure or intent to ensure my safety as they too have no safety in they-selves.

The rage continues and the soil under coils up in the moment,rises up and picks along branches of broken trees and polythene bags awash city ravines(The excrement of a broken society).Twigs and shrubs have no will to hold back as helter skelter the people run.Street vendors get into a rampage as they pick up whatever little wares are left to save and watch the rest rise into the air nonchalantly. You can literally tell the pain through their hard swallowing but nature has woken up today and we all have to spectate.

The onslaught goes on and before we all realise it this is an actual windstorm,the brown of the durst boils up and the once brights streets fills with a grey of dark.I could almost say I love how the power lines snap in retrospect but the fear built within our hearts is a bomb waiting to explode.A moment to recap and take back all my prior perceptions as panic strikes home and to our heels we take.Truth is,this is God in action through the elements that only He made and obey Him they must.


Welcome to the first windstorm in Nairobi as a battle of the titans ensues.


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