BREW MY ICE:sketches of perception into the sunset.

Call it just another day in paradise,yes this sure must be what they call paradise after am done finish going through Coelho Paulo’s The Alchemist read.That was quite a good 88 pages of pure bliss.You need to go through it even if you ain’t no ardent book reader as my friend and confidant Peaches would admit seconded by Louis.

Speaking of Louis,reminds me of where we left at in our last Sketches of perception growing through BREW MY ICE2 .

So out Nairobi hospital room 8 we head after bidding our byes for the evening and wishing Kez a most amazing recovery.We came in two cars and this proves quite unfavourable at this point,not forgetting how far we had parked at doctor’s quarters.Thank God the exit was towards the same direction.Oh,I had already forgotten about the long endless and confusing corridors.I almost called them treacherous,if only they was straight from a horror movie,I would have opted out of the skit.

At the exit is another stop and for a moment I wonder why parking fee at a hospital yard has to be paid for?This is Nairobi am reminded by a silent voice,the city of man eat man or is it man make money?If only money meant everything…..

A quick drive down the busy Kenyatta avenue off community gets me right into the thick of Nairobi’s traffic jammed CBD.Woe unto me who ever often rarely heeds to Dave my bro-friend’s advice.He had asked we use the outer Uhuru Highway for a faster drive to Agakhan Hospital but I know these city streets better I thought.I mean,I enter into them day in day out and who could be the wiser one of us?

This is the part you groan and curse the air and traffic lights as your destination is more trivial than the slug.Did you ever notice for an instance that at the time when you set your pace in mind everything suddenly seems to be working together above you to slug your progress even more?

Lately however,instead of shouting obscenities and cursing into the air with my fists I have learnt to read and understand the aura.To know that everything works together for good for me as long as I love God.That His will in everything reigns supreme and that even this slug as it is at the moment is just a sign to calm my heart and tell it to slow down.It reminds me that life has no rush as the world perceives it and that we can never keep up with the flow of time,only do the best it allows us at the moment.

This Kawangware bus intersects right into my lane and God knows why I smile at him and let him go through with the same.Realising his fault he apologizes and bids me to go on.I hence realise that the smile communicated peace rather than confrontation.I instead allow him to proceed as I look to the heavens and realise that there is a language in the world just as Paulo Coehlo puts it in The Alchemist that is not found in words.The language of love.

Suddenly the air feels fresher and the constant hoots and honks of buses and cars alike seem lost in the distant traffic lights.The lights turn green but even this doesn’t ease the traffic.Beauty though is that my heart has discovered a much deeper peace,the peace that not everything is always as it looks on the surface and that everything is all about what we make of it.It all lies in our perception and with that in mind we are able to achieve so much positivity in the world.

I can’t see Dave’s car behind me and perceive he has taken the pre-planned route.I whince in retrospect since am no much of a planner,always working with the moment at hand.Brings me to the bare truth that diversity sure calls for appreciation and respect.

Am drawn back to my silent cabin and realise that my car radio has been silent for most part of the day;not that am much of a radio or tv enthusiast as most of you would know by now but for some reason the silence and peace within makes me see and feel much more.I am not for a moment moved to turn it on as I sink into the awareness of my surrounding.

Check for example my Kawangware bus driver companion at the moment;what makes him to be so much in a rush even in a jam that he has no way of maneuvering through?He is busy wishing he could use the oncoming road to his advantage,well,maybe the more trips he makes the more money he can save up for his family.What about his joy?does he still have it or has it all been lost in this rat race to make more?And like the bus driver,have we also gotten caught up i the same rat race?

Across the street pavement it is hard to miss men and women rushing by so fast non can linger to say halo to another:bags cluched tightly to their sides to prevent thieving hands,the modern day slavery I call it;the pursuit of self destruction if you ask me…But as always I will quickly withdraw into self as mine is just to observe the sketches and you my dear PePa-treader must find yourself in them as you piece them all together into form….

The honking stops from a distant as the traffic lights again glow in green and this time round not in futility as the traffic flows.The sun above the sky scrapers lets go of its glow as dusk takes yet another reign for the even.Another slug holds me as I draw close to the globe round about.It is however an even flow that soon drags me out of the city center and onto Limuru road.Calling Dave,am surprised he is already at Aghakan Hospital hign dependency unit and calmly seated.

Am again drawn to this beautiful road that drew me from where I first resided when I came into this city.It was never about the highrise luxurious blocks it hosted but rather the calm enroute to my place.It was the extreme draw of nature within the city and a calm you could never put a price on.I made the move and never looked back.And here I am again today on the same route,not headed to my place to rest for the evening but coming from one hospital without the city and headed into another hospital on the other end of the same.And you may think am having a bad day,huh?

Catch more of these sketches on the next skit of BREW MY ICE.


11 thoughts on “BREW MY ICE:sketches of perception into the sunset.

      1. Thanks a lot Bookboombox…It is a mildly hot season at the moment…highs of 26 and lows of 16…A beautiful season indeed…God gives you the best of both worlds.Amazing blessings.Thanks a lot buddy for checking this out.Hope you loved the narration.


    1. Quite beautiful how we live in different worlds that are miles apart yet all similar.Goes to show how amazing our God has made everything….Glad you could relate and enjoy this sketch…A build up to a bigger sketch of God’s love.Catch it in the next Brew My Ice narration…Bless you “Bigskybuckeye” :— I missed saying that big brother.

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