MINUTES: The sketches of time.

Three minutes past midnight

All this is such a delight

See the sketches fall into light

As each tumbles upon like as though in a fight

Only they glide and sync into like with all ease

Ease easefully into one another to bind in wrap

Wrap the pencil sketches into pepa sketches

Sketches of pencil hence fluid into pepa sketches

Pepa sketches juice with flavour hence into life sketches

Yes it is now 7minutes past my mid of night

A sight to behold as sleep says nay to sketches of perspective

A perspective that holds still the desires of the heart

The heart I must admit mostly sways to the swing of desire

A desire to lose self into wake of the moment

A moment only pinned and aligned in the fluidity of truth

Same truth only captured in moment of time

A time so vivicious and vicariously viewed in a void unveiled through various vibrant and almost ferocious but vividly sketched moments in a vicious sketch of vivid volatility.

11 minutes past my night in the midst of a midnight hour.

A moment sweet in feel and cool in taste to my waving senses of touch and lustre….oh that my lust may not last to the last of this 13th minute in past of mid just after night sets mood for my soul.

A tik in tok sure gets my pace into the 15th in a wrap of minutes to the tune of 12.

Yes twelve in completion of a midnight.12 completes my race in sketches of time and cups my perfection in thought.

15minutes past midnight and Pepa must rest to face another day of grace in a beauty of dawn which pains off the doubts of Yester-sorrows with a promise of morning dew.


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