CLASH OF THE TITANS: sketches of myths.

The oldest stories ever told are written in the stars,stories of time before man and gods,when titans ruled the earth.

The titans were powerful but their reign was ended by their own sons,Zeus,Bissaiden and Heidis

Zeus convinced his brother heidis to create beasts so strong that could defeat there parents.And from his own flesh,Heidis gave birth to an unspeakable horror,the Cracken.

Zeus became king of the heavens,Bissaiden,king of the seas and Heidis,tricked by Zeus,was left to rule the underworld in darkness and in misery.

It was Zeus who created man,and man’s prayers fed the gods’ immortality.But mankind grew restless and began to question the gods and finally rise up against them.Into this world a child was born.A boy who would change everything….




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