A SEA OF LIFE: Sketches beyond the eyes.

For all I knew

I knew nothing concerning her

Wrapped in chocolate and sheer darkness

Her pictures told tales of glam

Glam emitting a wave of opulence

Opulence borne from societies perception

Perception that almost rid you of all reality

Reality to what end though?

When we could all but ride on the wave of a facade?

Ahem! No,nothing really matters but face value you know?

The same that so defines humanity

Humanity I think is so lame and base

Base as it eludes the soul of all truth

So back to truth I saw beyond her eyes

Beyond the streak of greys upon her lustred black hair

See auburn would cover the faults in our eyes

But hers spoke beyond the common aging complexities

I mean who ages in their thirties?

So here she was in her epitome of beauty

Wrapped up in a facade we could all so easily get swayed by

So a favour I did myself and waded deeper

To find the heart drawn beyond the drapes

Drapes of the sea beyond the eyes

To find the soul far beyond

Need I say the truth I found beyond?



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