FINDING ME: The sketches of self.

Now am here,now am not

Just like blood,formed into a clot

I try to find the essence,and beauty when it’s hot

But then all fades off,the air brings it to naught

I look deep within myself,to find the broken pieces

Broken pieces?All waved off from life’s creases

Creases borne into my being,from my little uncertain pieces

Pieces I sketched off from my insecurities;

insecurities rooted from my past

A past I have no life in yet look at me now.

Am trying to move but don’t know how

I don’t know how,I wish I knew how

I wish I could sketch better,I wish I could pen faster

Faster than my pains piece up,faster than my worries wave up

Wishes,wishes;I can’t live in them

In them is no growth;my growth lies within my sketches

As I saunter back to reality;I find truth in me

I find strength in weakness;in grace borne far above me

From Him who holds my reigns;He has no name but knows all names

So in my weakness;I will call Him my strength.

He is the strength of me;He is the Lord in me

He is the Lord in us;He is who He is.

God above all:



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