WHAT TO ASK;Sketches of prayer

Here I am again God,falling on my knees today


Here I am again God,coming to praise and pray


Though many times before I came to ask and say


About all my pains and sorrows of everyday.


I find my heart soaked in your love as I delve deep into you


I find my soul with a peace treading beyond all the world could accrue


See you said that everything comes from you and belongs to you


I remember you promised never to leave nor forsake me


That in the palms of your hands have you engraved the name of me



My lips begin to ask and pray for this and that


Then I remember that you got my back in fact


Oh it now makes sense that my thoughts you know from a far off


In retract hence I search my heart to find so many needs and desires


Almost forgetting that you have already quenched the fires


That though I tread through them consume me they can not


And though they be huge waves or deep treacherous waters I still need fear naught


For thou oh God are my help in all


See you supply all my needs


All according to the riches and glory that in thee breeds.



So from query and requests I drift hence


Replacing the wants with more of praise


Remembering the grace and sufficiency of your presence


In me as you live and reveal the fulness of your essence.



Where the heart may fail may your praises abide,


where voice may cease let my spirit dwell in you


In all I do may you work in me


That in all things your name may be glorified.









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