UNEARTHED PIECES N02 :Sketches of lost thoughts.

Down on the ruminations,my mind goes on a journey my heart cant help but leap on and follow….a dirst filled beautiful ugliness,the creations and enchantments of human doings….At times I pause and laugh at all the stupidity so created in our minds of oblivion,total ignorance and utmost selfishness….

Listening to my ownself i make no sense at all.even in my mind of purity and convinced wisdom…oooh if Solomon still lived how he would stare down at me and chant vanity of vanities…but despite all this journey of self analization ooooh does it ever stop.?as if I would answer my own questions and pauses?oooh I go on in my whiles and criticisms…

Well most times I wonder if the human was meant to be dependent on other’s opinions and acknowledgements for assertions of self-worth….but if not why else would the human strive so much to acquire and attain set standards -if there exists any set limits that is- and the appraisals of fellow mates in the quest for “joy” or is it self-joy and regard?….well maybe it still explains the total cleave of each individual for not only warmth but also regard and a sense of belonging …at times it makes no sense but in reality everything is all netted like a spider web and for all eternity the human is constantly struggling to fit into the same web….often breaking and tearing the embedments…causing chaos and commotions in his wake…

Still all this explains the high degrees of selfishness and the more reason why breaking from this illusion is a necessity despite the difficulty in the same…..

Well my ruminations no they cant stop….in moments of total calm or messed up motions my fingers and mind work as on and so I have to give in to this urge of expression……

Do i really need explain my selfishness anymore???



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