UNEARTHED PIECES:Sketches of the Glint!

I did not choose to meet you Kare,fate brought me to you,I saw many others before you and on the same day,same location but only you caught my eye out of the same location.

Your intentions could have been wrong but mine were pure.First time in my life I opened up my entire world to you.Maybe only mistake I ever made but the reasons were right.

Forgive me if am weak for being honest,forgive me even more for wanting to see and find the truth,but what is love without honesty?

Well,the problem is not in the mistakes you did,maybe in your shoes I would have done the same.Problem lies deep inside your eyes my heart,for right through your teeth and in self defence you can lie,problem takes route deeper within your eyes and down in your heart.

In your mouth and feelings you might seek revenge but deep down in your beautiful eyes and heart you sure plead for true love.One the ocean is jealous of.

So take a walk with me and for once lay your intentions bare,let our hearts see right through each other.Take a dice with the scalpel and portion this into slices.Let us see that critical mind get through the surface and unveil all the membranes.

The top may lie my love but deep inside lies a passion we both can’t escape.If you let your heart find out the truth and your mind with it join then for once you will find that this doesn’t call for understanding no,it doesn’t even have to make sense.

For once you will see that only in sincerity lies true unmatched love.That you could have cut right through my heart with all your bitter words but at the embrace of your true essence,at the embrace of your true heart,my heart still has this yearning and passion for you my Kare.

I don’t need a reason to love you my lady,I only need you to be there and my heart will learn to hold your’s forever.I love and treasure you.If these be the last words I share,let it know that in my world you are welcome,you and our little prince belong.Non without the other.All a part of my heart.Always.

From my heart to your’s precious.

I love you.



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