FRIDAY: Sketches of conformation.

It’s Friday

Morning is passed all rushed from Monday

Day ran so fast like it knew the anxiety

The frustrations and realizations borne.

An anxiety that at point in time grew into resignation

Quite a familiar path of abrasion

That almost leads to aberration if not utmost desperation.

Non of that turmoil however counts for now

But as humans we have let this moment thaw

Thaw away all hope that once rooted a show

A show of faith and delight in perseverance

For humanity or rather still humans do away draw

Draw from the path of trust and rust into the hands of the foe

The foe’s hands always wide open

Open with an hunger quite insatiable

Almost hard to pen and quite insane.

So it is Friday as we cross the cross-end

More like a cross-road of self awareness

A loss to self and dive into another

We look so fearless in a grip of oblivion

If only this facade could unveil our true person

And give us to the realms of God’s embrace

In total surrender would we render us to His beautiful face.

Don’t let the cross-road of self destruction bar you

Don’t let the pull of utter regression bore you

Don’t let the sail of common perception define you.

Let His grace always lead you.



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