LIVE AND LOVE: Sketches of demise.

It’s all but a gift

Almost comes like a shift

Every second so precious

Every moment so concise

This life that we live

It’s all you do in the moment

That adds up to the quotient

And all you touch to be content

This life that we live

Live it like it’s borrowed

Forgetting about all sorrows

For sorrows depict the burden of tomorrow

Borrowed into the energy of today

Sipping it all out in a sway

And that my friend you can’t harrow.

This life that we live

Always smile in a file

Like it all adds up in a bulk

Bulk your joy like the hulk

Share it out every while

And give a hand with a smile

This life that we live

Let another feel your love

Through the little that you have

Let them sing when you are gone

Always remembering that you gave

For when you give you never crave

This life that we live



16 thoughts on “LIVE AND LOVE: Sketches of demise.

      1. I’ve been missing reading from you and interacting too. This job has really interfered with how engaged I am with the community. But with time, I’ll find a way to be more involved here and not absent ☺️

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