My awoken sleep: sketches into the night.

I hear the sirens

I hear the hoots

I hear the far ends

I feel them trot

Motorbike honks

Trailers throts

A dog barks far away

A cat miaows in the hay

Misplaced along the horse’s stray

The noises don’t ease into the night

Just light that fades from within my sight

As fatigue eases out my heart’s plight

Sleep takes over without a fight

As I ease into my slump of midnight’s slumber

A scream jerks me up half drift into my amber

My heart races as I whisper a prayer

The honks and throts vague it out in shear

As I hope and pray the night from the hands of the slayer

The track wheels pound upon the tarmac

With an overweight of load upon the track

Am sure by morning they will leave a mark

Of the pressure and strain that leave behind pain

Deep within the pockets of the ailing tax payer

The same noises of trucks,motorcycles,barking dogs and miaowing cats

Become the lalluby to my insomniac bat

So I resign to fate as nature has made it common

To put up an act and hide the head

Under barrels of sand and leave the body to fade.


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