Sketches of broken love.

I could write a tale where you and I stare into each other

But it could be flawed without going any further

How about a tale where you and I love each other?

But we could be in trouble if it were found by father

So I will tell a tale not marred by beauty

Neither one that looks so pretty

As pretty and beauty sure seem laughable

When in all serenity it should be agreeable

I lose all sense as I strive to find reality

As it all seems masked in futility

A future that could all but play in adversity

Adversity so brought upon my head through ambiguity

Its ambiguity makes me lose all track and flow

A flow that would hence poise my glow

In the direction and core relation of my tale

A tale to tell hence deals me a blow

Right below the belt as tension rises within and grows

So please don’t go as this thoughts form

And I find the right course to home

Home where the heart sure finds rest

Rest and peace that could only manifest

Manifest in within your chest and towards me crest.



8 thoughts on “Sketches of broken love.

  1. It is a tale of heart break and approval by those whom have no stake in it’s outcome. But patience is as always the path to a future only believed to be a dream. One must always be reminded however that constant work is needed to make their dreams a reality.

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