LOVE:The sketches we miss pt2

The cold bit into her feet and fingers and still some more slipped through the side of her tattered cardigan.From the look of the patches on it it told a tale of battered days and undeniable pain through the rainy season.

She sat crouched by the sidewalk with her head between her knees.No plate or empty cup lay by her side as was common in these streets.So no,she din’t need anyone’s coin or wrinkled note handed over to her.Clearly even her lethargic fingers did stay folded rather than outstretched as was eminent on normal days….Normal days?What was even normal now that we quite overlooked how sufficient the Almighty’s grace has been unto us?

I was on my way to a meeting but all forces as it were this day held me hostage to this spot.I found my back rest against a side-post,a concrete electric post.Some portions of it hang loose in cracks and steel lay exposed to rust and weather beating.Much I wouldn’t delve into,just a typical reflection of the dilapidation of public funds.Who am I though to even bring this to surface?Maybe an angry government insider would do a better job,making him the voice of the people.

I move a little away as I fear the overhead hanging street lamp would somehow be swayed by the wind and find its rest on my head.You know they say on the day of the forest monkey’s death every tree becomes slippery,right?

Backing onto the wall my gaze goes back to her crouched form,almost looks like a heap with the covered head.A maroon half woven marvin does little to give her the warmth she so craves.

It is mid-afternoon in the month of June,the skies hang low and dense,almost threatening to pour in a rage,like suddenly there was a fight between the heavens and the earth and the clouds are the pawns sent to rage war.

My attention is drawn back to the lady by the side walk as she cracks a cough,literally,you can almost feel the struggle she has in getting one out her throat,all dry and laboured.A sense of defeat in her is all that my heart struggles with.

Pedestrians pass by her side some even knocking her in the rush to get to their destinations,some vendors of water in plastic bottles(the degradation of our precious ecosystem,the utmost castigator of global warming)..still am no environmentalist however.The other day I pass by Kirinyaga Road;this guy seated by the pavement is munching away his maize from its cob and on finishing his delicious corn yanks the cob into the middle of the road.

Naturally am offended and do the unexpected.I pick it up and throw it back at him,he with all his rough rage and rudeness yet missing the whole point am trying to pass across,yanks it back again.Disgusted I ask him why he can’t for a moment think about the consequences of his actions.I walk away as I leave him glaring and feeling all so justified.

So here seats this lady as no one notices her in the bundle she is.Some are running away to barth from the coming rains but her as she seems has nowhere to run to.The streets as I guess have become quite accustomed to her heap of presence but the people they seem not to notice.

I could be one of them,done it quite often but this today is different.One in the hundreds of street dwellers who ask not for money,what they desire is a deeper need. A yearning for more than money and material…Maybe am wrong,yes maybe am write or maybe non…Maybe she is misplaced,maybe she is home,maybe I am being silly,maybe am just over-thinking like most of us always believe they are.

In this rage of emotions I am once again drawn to the heavens as they rumble in rage,the sky grows dark and a streak of lightning is seen at one portion striking over and against the skyscrapers,a wire line snaps as cars hoot into traffic.A spark flies into the air and above the cars,pedestrians duck for safety as the spark ignites a fire mid-air,screams and shreaks rise up and others run to safety.

My dear sidewalk seater is unmoved.I draw closer to her and crouch beside her.She is unmoved by the commotion all around.I tap her on the shoulder and she looks me in the eye,face looks devilish to be honest.Darkened cheeks and reddened lips.But something intense lies within her black irises behind a milk white background.A beauty so intense to not notice,one you will always miss in her crouched pose.

I am transfixed for a moment as she still stares at me as if to ask if I need help,quite ironical I must say.I find myself rather lost than she seemed to be a while past…

Regaining my composure and oblivious to my commotion-filled surroundings,I ask her if she is okay.She looks at me and says she is quite fine and asks if she can help me.

This is quite a strange exchange in my opinion.I ask her if she needs any help and she says she would be happier if she wasn’t in this world.Am taken aback for sure.Struggling at this point to form words within my mouth I again ask her if I could help her onto her feet as the rains were about to pound hard almost right now.

She looks me again in the eye and says the most intense words I will never forget,”If the world would offer such beautiful hands to its inhabitants then I would really love to live in it.Until then I am safe on my own.”

Was I transfixed before?Nope,right at this moment I find myself with a drier throat than her coughing one and no words form anymore.I lift her off her feet as my mind races in a myriad of thoughts and questions.

Have I been able to show enough love?Have I been kind enough?In my self righteousness have I missed the people who really needed me,bypassing them like they was logs or planks in a forest base?Have I ,have I not?

I walk her to a nearby cafe and sit her at a corner and there remained wordless,motioned an assistant and pointed at the menu for two mugs of hot beverage.

The heavens finally let loose outside and a heavy downpour ensues.The fight between the heavens and the earth had no amicable solution it seems and the war of hailstorm had to be the equalizer….



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