FIND YOURSELF: Sketches of clutter.

In the midst of all the clutter

Your mind and heart may come into conflict

Leading to an ultimate shutter

If not at all explicit

It could seem like a rider in the dark

Who by all essence could depict

That he ain’t lost in the murk

Sometimes it all seems epic

Till the writer is left in the dark

And mind and heart end topsy into a quake

If only the writer or rider

Could find himself within the clutter

And piece the heart together and monitor

Then the turvy or topsy on the outer

Would never find the heart and mind within

It all lies in the illusionFind the reason within the confusion

And find your mind within heart in fusion

Oooh these sketches all come into union.



3 thoughts on “FIND YOURSELF: Sketches of clutter.

  1. Wonderful poem Hussein! Your words accurately depict the journey of some of my words as they attempt to survive and sketch another poem. Some words make it to the final product while a few others perish.

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