WELCOME JUNE..:Sketches of gratefulnes 3

Quite gruesome and right through slow this day has been.Sitting in this lofty seat brought quite an aura of peace in its wake however.

You know those days that seem not to end?Quite cold to add,though dressed in a heavy set jacket and having taken drums of hot tea,chocolate or even coffee you still can’t seem to evade the surges of yawns and crack of knuckles for both warmth and relaxation?

A drag from same however had to give up as sun let go of its dull rise behind the grey clouds.I mean,I love the sky most often than not.I don’t mind grey clouds either but the bore I derived from today’s slag made me miss my golden sunsets.

Golden sunsets in whose glory am often drowned as I bask in.Staring into the horizon I must admit has always been therapeutic.Makes me lose myself most often than not.Most times I has to beat logic back into my head and remind myself that this is all God’s splendour and absolution.

Splendour which in days like today I must absorb into and forget all of the day’s sorrows,not worry about what tomorrow may bring either.Why not worry though when there is so much to do with very little to no resources at hand?Resources diminished by crunches to a once promising economy heaved with investments on end.Same economy has thus beat down upon every already ailing pocket in process.

Well,in such moments I have been drawn to the same reality that even today in itself was never a promise.Rather it was a blessing I most often bypass.So why beat myself for tomorrow’s sake when even today was but a gift?

So now one lesson comes in handy in the process.That I can’t afford to procrastinate no matter how much time I have.Another is that yes,I have to work,however,I can’t kill myself over what is beyond my ability for if I do so,when will I get to live rather than spend my while being hostile to myself?

Hey PePa lover,forgive me for not sharing other persons sketches but what is life if am not in it?Yes I know it will move on even without my presence but thing is I won’t be in it.I thus have to to take a moment,a second maybe if you ain’t used to my nagging by now.I have to savour every beauty that life waves under my wings and that joy brings to my plate.

Yes,look at it,take it in and make sure you miss no split second,some have micros to them.Don’t try missing or even losing the beauty while at it.

If you give it breath maybe you will realise that we have so much to be thankful about.I mean,everything and even nothing is a gift and an awe and wonder.

My point hence to this gruesome day and write is to usher in the new month with joy,a lot of gratefulness and hope.To see every good and bad thing it brings positively and to enjoy to the limit every June day.

Halo June,goodbye May.May God bless you all PePa lovers and newbies.May you find the good in everything.

PePa ..


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