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BEAUTY:Sketches unrivalled!

Cold and breezy

Up the winding tarmac

Of blue and black in sync

So hard to miss the green

And brown of even link

In case you lose the sky

Above in grey so high

Then find your peace within

The soul God placed to win

In sketches held within

An unrivalled even flow

That with grace has to grow

So hard to miss God’s beauty and grace entwined in nature.



Formation of a masterpiece :sketches of trust

Feeling low? Listen to this beautiful song by Danny Gokey


I listened to it several times I felt like my world was tearing apart and it calmed my soul in ways no amount of words could ever do.

It opened my heart to trust God for who He is

To trust Him for His beautiful inexplainable,amazingly perfect will.

Yes the Lord God is making a masterpiece out of you.You only have to trust and bend to His will no matter the twist.

It may never make sense…it doesn’t have to either way but as long as it is the hand of God in it,it is worth the turmoil.


SKETCHES: Sketches of lost words in yesterday

Art is an illusion and can be whatever you want it to be….Sketches are my backbone,both in words and action.

Pencil expresses what pen cannot find in words…..

So here I lay,eyes to the ceiling,

Lost in the day,like winters hay

Do we even have winter?

But I hear my heartbeat grow fainter

As words escape my mind

So my hands don’t lag behind

As fingers come in sync with pencil

To do a sketch without a bushel

And lamp aboard to crack the nutshell

Of sorrows lying behind the bunsen

Burner of light within the dark

Gloomy room of lost treads

So may I find peace where words break in to piece

I mean pieces of lost Yesterdays

As I can only hold onto Today.


WRITE ON MASTER: sketches of gratitude replayed.

“Kudos!Write on master.”

Never heard any better words than these in a while.Last I did was while I was clearing my lower school.

Quite a village hero I was back then.When I walked through the village and all the elder guys patted my head in pride.

These,here could never meet a match more sincere,raw,deep-felt,honest and ultimately insightful than they were.

Write about what though?No one mentioned this when they encouraged me to write on.To be honest though,this lack of a theme or provision of a topic thereof was the beauty of this simple yet inspiring statement followed by their actions.

Origin of this I might point back to my birthday just a few days back.A birthday that brought me joy in the simplest yet most amazing ways.A flow of love whose renaissance was nothing but true appreciation of a passion.A passion not shared by most but nonetheless appreciated in more ways than one.

Going back however,it has been quite a rough patch these months past.

Without any coarsing still,I will admit that I find it difficult doing resolution writes at the beginning of every year.The energy most do this with as you can tell is normally so high-revved for me to even achieve.

On the flipside however,a simple “God take control of everything I plan and do” has always worked for me.The chronicles report that nothing can ever beat or even match working and walking under the will of God you know?

This saying is a true and proven one but with all honesty….these few months past stretching into years have sure challenged this logic ..logic or absolution?Some won’t even look at it as either of these but a notion reserved to only believers in the great I am.

But what is life if you got nothing to believe in?nothing to hope in or even trust in?And don’t even tell me you trust in yourself for how much can you honestly achieve with your own will and blood?these can be snapped out of you in a giffy…I mean just like woop!

let us look back at history,it rarely lies especially with recorded proof.The psalmist in the bible sings and declares,” Others trust in chariots yet some in horses but we,we will trust in the Lord God of hosts. Psalms 20:7 ref.

So yes,I have believed and trusted in the Great I Am’s will and it has been a journey in trials.Bedded with no roses albeit yet founded in unwavering hope and trust.Trust that no matter how treacherous the journey and path therewith,His beautiful and perfect will in my life will ultimately make itself manifest come what may.

I have learnt that I am not the author of my life but the words of His mouth.That He knew what would befall me all along before even placing me in my mother’s womb.Still I don’t have to look back and wish I was born to another mother in a thousand years.Speaking of mothers,it was mother’s day a few days past;would you ever wish the clock was reversed,wound back in time and you was born to another mother?Nay,not me.

Well,here I am,smiling sheepishly,showered in love from friends I never even thought cared.All because God blessed a woman who loved me like her own life and brought me forth.That in the midst of all the pain and struggles,she found it fit to bear me without any complaints or regrets.Not even for a second impulse did she ever think of getting rid of me though she knew all too well she had no resources to raise me through.But she loved me more than the world could.And with the grace of God she managed through the years,though most often with little.Yet her tears always brought more.No strength of a woman here,just the honest true unrivalled love of a mother.Remember the tale of the great king Solomon,the two women and two children,one dead and one alive?Check out 1st KINGS 3:16-28.

So,”write on master” is a compliment and encouragement I have gotten at this moment and in varied portions and gestures through this week.I would want my birthday to come daily but no,it has never been this beautiful,this sincere and so real before.

The first and true beneficiary of this showers so far has been PePa,my ardent companion.A friend called and had this glistening beauty flow in a custom made PePa pen and mug.Another remembered the sketches of life which I sooo so love and did it in a wild sketch-pad and notebook expressly logo-d wild sketches and wild notes.Wild,huh?I will call her the wild girl (girl in my British accent).

As I scribble now,am doing it on this massive Note Book called NOTE BOOK,they found no better name for it I guess.Such a lovely souvenir to lack an astounding name.But good things need no description I guess…or even many words to make them glow,right?Lacking a name,it however came in a beautiful bag with these amazing inscriptions*( THE BEST GIFTS DON’T COME WRAPPED IN PAPER BUT IN LOVE) in addition to a card with an amazing Nehemiah scripture.

“Write on master” was a compliment from a close friend found in GROWTH UNSEEN: The Sketches we miss

It has been a week filled with love and I have learnt one beautiful lesson from it.Whatever you do,do it with the passion of a thousand waters or the strength of a thousand hills.It will touch those of whom it is meant to touch.Yet again,don’t expect it to gain only applause,O how I love sceptics and critics,they are the juice and fuel to my growth.You will grow through it all as long as your focus is on growth and pleasing God through what you do.Thanks to all genuine friends out there.

A beautiful mid to end of week all genuine PePa lovers and the rest of this beautiful world.

PePa-sketches by


HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Sketches of reflection.

Today is not the same as everyday,it’s not an ordinary day.Totally true to these words is this beautiful eve of my birthday.Feels like a happy new year with all the warm music playing in the background after the decent of a beautiful sunset behind golden clouds.

Not to mention these scented flowers that now cover my whole presence with their petal freshness!Sure an evening to behold.

Would have been quite a crown to have it by the beachside with waves rocking back and forth on the sandy white beach,as I lay swinging on the canvas garden hammock lazily from side to side,fingers dipped in wet sand as the ocean birds call out to me in a countdown.

Snapping back to my present however,the beauty is not withheld either so I can save that thought for yet another day.

I see people,especially young ladies on social media with shiny balloons displaying the number of days God has blessed them with on this beautiful planet,mother earth.Caption is normally,”BIRTHDAY LOADING”.

Maybe I should have the same raised up in glamourous colours.I wonder what colour would best display the gratitude I hold inside.Last I checked however,me and most of my likes are colour blind if not so conversant with colour arrays in totality.

To some extent,I think that rainbow I drew back in lower school with seven colours was all a lie as I quite can’t recall most of them well,leave alone put them into play.

And let no smart brains bring up any primary or secondary colour connotations,am not taking any of that today.

Check out for example the colour indigo.Someone tell me the last time you ever used it,let alone see it.I can’t even point at the same if I spotted it right now.

I think most fashion houses or even car manufacturers don’t like the rainbow as well,especially the ones who do the finish touches in colour.But Mr Marangi(colours) of the duracoat advert would come in quite handy at this point.On the other hand however,I must admit that our society is quite creative.Last I was told there is burgundy as a colour.This ain’t nowhere on my beautiful rainbow from lower school,maybe in today’s rainbow it can be found,right?Truth be told,when I see it,in my eyes it is red.Please don’t judge me,yes thank you.

Another amusing one is baby pink.Now since when did babies come up with or even own colours?Anyway,creativity is highly encouraged.So enough with colour plays,am calmly seated,reflecting on all the days of my life gone.

A friend asked me today what my new year’ resolution was,now that it is my birthday the day coming next.Actually and to the least of my expectations I was shocked people make birthday resolutions.It hit me after that they do.You know the,I will go back to my shags(rural home)when am a certain age kinda resolutions?Sorry am being silly.

Remember those goals you always set?Get a car by this age(You even had a savings plan),have a company running and mint millions by a certain age,then after,marry and get several number of babies.

Rarely did anyone ever think past a beautiful wife or tall dark and handsome husband,two or three beautiful babies.And for crying out loud,where do all the ugly babies go or who gives birth to them if not you?Speaking of ugly babies,I realised that non actually exist as the ones I thought were ugly in my earlier years began confusing me the next time I laid eyes on them a span of 10 years later.Quite appealing I must admit,an actual punch below the belt to say the least.If you don’t believe me check these 10year challenge done in January on social media.

Well,am seated here looking back at all the years gone by,goals set,some attained whilst some terribly missed.Some days have sure been quite unkind whilst some O so amazing!But these are the recent years.What of my younger years?These sadly,can only be found in my earlier sketches i.e

So the sketches have unfolded and with them I have been through the most dramatic if not roller coastered life,with a breakup after seven loving years,hahah,loving huh?Another episode of a love-smitten me without consultation from PePa.This last one can best be described by Veronika Bozeman’s hit song,”What is love” that featured in Empire’s Television season one series.Beautiful real song you need to listen to.

Hahah,smitten can be quite intriguing but to some extent this was a period that both showed me God’s grace and how much He can use the right friends to encourage and cheer you on even when they knew you ain’t got no strength to pull through.A true lift from the grips of depression.

Time they said is a healer though and I must admit that despite what they say,it only takes the hand of God Himself to get you through.

Sometimes I feel like I have grown wiser through the push and pull that is life,most times it however eludes me.So here I am,a day left,hours even,to add one more year to my quiver and with not much beautiful heart shivering words to quip.

Thing is,all I am at this moment is nothing but grateful to God for His sufficient grace and favour.I look forward to seeing His good,perfect and most amazingly pleasant will done in my life.

To all those sharing this week,day and even month with me in their birthdays,I wish you the very best and moreso to God’ grace and favour.May we live to give Him the glory everyday.I dedicate this piece to

  1. Joyce Nyaguthii (lil sister) 5th May
  2. Boniface Ogeya(brother from another mother)18th May
  3. Christopher Migwi (brother who wants me to get married before he does) 19th May
  4. Priya aka Zealous Homo sapiens (most talented 6 word poet I know) 31st May and here is her blog link

The Lord God shine His face upon you all.Pepa.

THE IDEA :sketches of growth

It all begins as an idea,then vision takes root.Just like the birth of PePa and even far beyond her was a son conceived,not known to anyone,let alone his mother or withdrawn father.So just like that seed it planted,far beyond the eyes of the world,it thus rots and out of the rot beauty is given borne.From the depths of the darkness hence is the comparison to the idea.Deep rooted in far beyond the eyes.Well hid in the masks behind.Or even in doors closed behind darkness…the idea comes forth..She sprouts just like a seed,gains a plumule and a radicle.Both growing into a shoot and a root.Nothing can stop it after the rot,unless it is deprived of the essentials it needs.The water and air and a little sunshine to encourage it that the heavens are the limit.Water is for life,a constant fill and push in the right direction,air,on the other hand is for renewal,a constant reminder that there is much more to gain.And with such positive vibe,the idea just like the seed can not die.It only lives to reach beyond borders and limitations of the eyes.Do not kill your idea,neither let go of your dream.PePa..

Mind Freeze

When there is nothing to write I can always get lost behind my sketchesStare as the pieces take form in the name of imperfectionRelate all the broken pieces in a will of brokennessWhen all else around fades into the far horizonWhen the mind races to keep pace with timeAnd then eases into waves relentlessAnd there finds peace in broken piecesLets them all fall together as oneAs the horizon calls form to play……Someone finish the sketches….PePa.

YOU ARE WHO YOU ARE:Sketches of gratefulness pt2

I look for words enough to praise you

I look for what to give in return

In my hands I have non

In a thousand years I would never find any

I look to the heavens and they only shout of your glory

I look all around me and you are in all I see

I try to find if I deserve all this goodness that you have shown me

Yet still I only find tears

And my tongue is held on its roof

For no words come out

No praise is enough to declare

The beauty of your goodness

So once again here I find my fingers

Trembling away in your praise

As even laughter escapes my mouth

Amidst tears of praise O God

Even a name for your goodness

Can not be found O God

Just as you said

You are who you are

Give me an eternity

And no amount of time or words would ever express your beauty

You are who you are

You are the Lord God Almighty

Non like you in all eternity

And my heart sings your praise

In all the tongues and words you will give

You are who you are

You are who you are Jehovah.


PRAYER: The sketches of trust continue @ part2

Remember dedicating time to more important things or better still more fun things other than prayer?Well,I have questioned a lot.Like why do Muslims for example have to pray not only once,twice or even thrice but do it up-to five times a day?Jeez! Wake up at 5 in the am to pray?Wasn’t prayer supposed to be fun(I mean in God we find peace and comfort,right?)

But then at this very point it hits me that prayer is a warfare and no warfare was ever won lying on one’s back now,is there?Check out this inspiration right here:

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.
Ephesians 6:12 NIV

I wondered also to some extent why Muslims pray facing a certain direction,Makkah in this case.Something we should discuss more in the next portion of this series.

They call the direction of worship Qiblah,quite interesting names these are;I would almost call my son Qiblah but with a “K” if I didn’t know what it meant.

My friend Samira however explained to me what this means before I went ahead to use if for my future son’s name.

Well,the more however I have questioned on and on,the more I find myself in Job’s shoes and in his shoes,I am scared,yes,scared for sure.

For a little drift though,ever asked yourself how such a righteous man as indicated at his time would have to suffer at the hand of satan?And at that by God’ permission?Either way though,satan is meant to mean the opposer of God’s will so makes little sense I guess.Check out Job 3:25 and get the reason why?a portion we always miss as Job himself reports,

“For the thing which I greatly feared is come upon me,and that which I was afraid of is come unto me.”

This in turn takes me to the extreme right as reported years later,Peter,one of Jesus’ closest disciples and follower asks to walk on water towards Jesus.He is bid to do so which he does.Halfway through however,he looks away and a great storm sees he approaching.He gets scared in turn and starts drowning,cries out to Jesus who naturally stretches forth his hand and saves him,pulling him up from drowning.Later,the same master ,Jesus asks him,”Why did you doubt?”

In my mind at this point play out two intricate scenarios.No,three in fact.Job is at a point the wealthiest man recorded in the East and by human standards,he is scared of losing his wealth.Quite natural huh?This same fear bites him bad as it sweeps away all his family.Peter on the other hand is prospering and walking on water,if this ain’t prosperity then I don’t know what is.When he however looks away,and sees the approaching storm(synonymous to our daily troubles),he loses focus just like we all do,gets scared and starts drowning,almost losing his life.

Going back to our young infamous friends we get the third scenario.With little boys Shadrack,Meshack and Abednego is there no fear found.There statement is quite amazing indeed,check this out:

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego replied to him, “King Nebuchadnezzar, we do not need to defend ourselves before you in this matter. If we are thrown into the blazing furnace, the God we serve is able to deliver us from it, and he will deliver us from Your Majesty’s hand. But even if he does not, we want you to know, Your Majesty, that we will not serve your gods or worship the image of gold you have set up.”
Daniel 3:16‭-‬18

This kind of trust drives me to see that these little men worshipped God not cuz of what He could do but just because of who He was,that He was God and worthy of all worship,glory and honour.Not because He could do or could not do.Deliver them or not,He was still God and to be worshipped under all circumstances!

At this point,devoid of all fear,they worshipped God in truth and in spirit.They let go of everything and just let God take control and be God.Reminds me of the song called Jesus take the wheel.I feel like singing right now but this voice of mine,goodness! It amazes me how it can sing three to four and sometimes even a cracked five different notes in just one stanza.

Leave my beautiful notes alone.These little guys on the other hand let God’ will take centre stage in their lives and nothing else really mattered.Whether He would act or do nothing at all,the left that choice entirely to Him.True worship or fanaticism? But the beautiful fruits are seen as these three are not burnt in the flames heated up to the incredible tune of seven times.Even king Nebu knew that 7 meant the number of completion and wanted a complete furnace.Hahaha.

Ps.Can we at this moment in life have such complete and undeterred trust in God as these three had?

(Catch more sketches of trust in the next portion of prayer)