LOSS OF A SMILE:Sketches of boredom.

Someone,some people,most people or I may even say almost everyone I know will always ask me if I ever get bored.If this smile ever leaves my cringed lips.

Well,today I must admit,admit that even a fortress can be brought down to its foundations.But beauty is that the foundations still remain foundations and from thence another mountain can sprout…light bulb moment,huh?

So as I always say,today is not the same,as everyday,it’s not an ordinary day…my energies are all drawn afar and my bones crackle in their wake.A slump is come upon my shoulders and that beautiful confident gait is lost to the wind…

Quite a familiar scenario to most this can be.When all that warmth that once filled the air to your nostrils doesn’t flow as smooth.When that beautiful scent that filled the wind in your space somehow doesn’t stink but has over a moment in time lost its aroma.

Had those moments when you try to grasp the aura all around you and it all but seems to slip through your strong,I mean once strong grip?It whoops right through your bare fingers and cuts through the knuckles and cartilage?

So I look all around for me like suddenly I am split into halves.I try find my bearing like I for some unbeknownst reason lack sight of vision.

Yes instead of my one steady posture I am lost in my slump and lost the bounce to my heels.I must find me if I am to make headway.I must discover the soul within my depths if I am to find the purpose to my gait,flow to my breath and pounce in my heels.

I may not do it today but I still can’t afford to succumb to the slide that hinders my trail.

If I have lost you with PePa then I have lost mood,lost essence,lost all psyche for a moment.For a split or even micro second the oomph in my aura is all but waved to the elements.

Beauty is I am not alone,we are many with the world.The only moment we share for once.The only reason we sync in chrony and move as a wave in the ocean is this lack right here.Lack of a purpose and loss of mood.

Pathetic the kind of things humans would rather share apart from extreme joys and beautiful moments.

But who am I to question human nature?I have become accustomed to this peril of pain but must not let it become one with my soul.My soul Oh so pure it strains to break the bounds and chains of impurity.The only being I forever fight to defend.

So yes today this smile has gone to visit the in laws but she must not come back to sorrow.She will come back to a man rediscovered.A being who knows that today might not be the same as everyday,might not be an ordinary day but by all means must be an amazing day…amazing as it will be championed to growth by lack thereof

…Smile now and find you PePa.


24 thoughts on “LOSS OF A SMILE:Sketches of boredom.

  1. This is really emotional and powerful. Someday you can’t bare walking. It’s fine though you can walk. And if you can’t, limp. And if you can’t, crawl. And if you can’t, smile. And if you can’t, blink. Forward is the only way to go. Nowhere else to hide.

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