PAIN:Sketches of strength

No I did not lose myself in the midst of all the painPain it drew me in and gave me comfortComfort that only in it could I find myselfMyself as all around no one cared who I wasWho I was cuz all they saw is how they would gainGain what though from a dog that was licking its own wounds?Wounds that they could wrap up though they chose to point and laugh atLaugh at the wounds because human nature dictated soDictated that pain was only pain if it was but just your ownYour own cuz another’s peril couldn’t stop your own lifeYour own life cuz you forgot you needed them to growSo grow I did right from the pain that periled my own worldMy world which I once thought belonged to usUs I said because I thought we could share mineBut all I found we could share was my only joys but never the solace I found in my sorrowsSo sorrows they held my pain withinAnd within my pain I drew strengthYes strength for yet another day,another hour and yet a secondForgive me then for in my pain I will disappoint youInstead of falling through my pain,I rose much higher PePa


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