PEN AND PAPER: Sketches from my past Pt2

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PEN AND PAPER:Sketches from my past


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THE SKETCHES UNFOLD: Fireside stories pt2


Today is not the same as everyday,it’s not an ordinary day.

I honestly feel like all my sketches should begin with this signature statement PePa,what do you think?I believe nothing defines my days better than these simple cracky words huh?

At one moment am lost into oblivion,at other exhilarating ones am hilariously high on my moods.You would think I was just done being stoned(I see society now has it as a norm,something that was once so shunned is now common-play,super play and audiciously okay)

I think stoned is an understatement PePa,it feels like a shot of meth or an adrenaline jab.Am trying to get all the right descriptions at this point so please bear with me.Am ecstatic so I guess ecstasy would play it out even better.Ruddy face,smooth and calm…with a jizz of a smug pretty boy smile(those that hang around like that stubborn toilet fly).

So you are reading through and wondering…mmmh! What could actually be so good about this dull day.Especially for those on this rainy portions of the hemisphere.With heavy clouds hanging pregnantly low and grey skies to quip.It sure looks like an extremely lazy gloomy Tom of a day,huh?

Dull it could be as emotions sure vary from one happiness junkie to another gloomy melancholic.Both hold content to their individual perceptions though in retrospect only one has visible tangible growth.

So yes,on a physical aspect,it looks like a slow and even utmost boring day,but,take a moment,even a second in time or speck in space,now throw it a second glance even on impulse and along PePa lines let us hence wade together…Yes,side by side like utmost Romeo and Juliet lovers.

Check out the termites flying out holes in joy,yes I can feel their joy in the swirl and swap of their transparent ribbed wings.

Watch the ants retreating into their ant holes in procession and troupes.Doesn’t their organisation amaze you?How a small person like that can carry such an amazing load?Yet we thought we were strong and more advanced?Mmmmmh think again…

Well,if that would escape your gaze then take a quick one at the birds flying in swarms back into their nests,and up above the trees in songs and swoops of joy,diving in and out as they enjoy the delicacies of life.Can you hear the weaver birds call to each other under the cool of the afternoon,or the sparrows in their colonies running their mating dances?

In the cold of the weather and gloom of your heart did you miss the squirrel running across the road,collecting nuts in its path?Such a sight to behold as they brisk through the branches in the trees and up walls.Tell me,is it common occurrence to see the clouds form a love-heart shape or map of Africa in the skies?

Still I know that nature could be a boring trail especially in this cold and utmost chilly weather.Well,let us check out the streets in beautifully coloured coats,a variety of trendy boots and jackets in these busy streets both male and female.

Am actually getting a sense of cold dress styles out of this by now.

Moving on however,this season does but play all manners of nostalgia to my system.Taking me back to my earlier years when I would look forward to the weekends.I know I still do now but those were different and amazing.Especially Saturday mornings after a breakfast of cassava and black tea.

These were my best moments when I would stealthily slip off the spread papyrus mats(jamvi) thinking grandma wasn’t seeing me and run off to the broken tractor trailers,Mercy Ferguson to be precise.Here I would join my clay moulding childhood friends.

It used to be all wet outside and the black clay soil sure did a good note on moulding material.And it is interesting how we knew just the right colour of clay for moulding and the exact spot to harvest it.Each of us would join in pairs or trios,harvest the clay and then a broken tractor trailer would serve as our final platform plant for our ensuing manufacture.

This with all honesty was an ultimate destination for a handy work of moulding.

A good job normally took in the wake of two to three hours of clay play and the results,well at least in my bizarre opinion,were sure amazing.Imagine a full-blown two to three hours of moulding,dissatisfaction amidst out-cries or even outbursts of foul-play.Next followed dismantling of halfway completed moulds and a repeat of the same handy work.

Some very often cases saw another’s mould being better than your own and so to beat them at it you would squash down your own work and restart it again.

Spit and a lot of it was used for smoothing or even as adhesives.It sure brought a shiny gloss to the final result you know?

Someone please take me back.Take me back to those runs after heavy sugarcane trucks to pull one a cane or more…this served as lunch after clay play by noon as folks and elder siblings were not yet back from gardening.

I must admit however that I was quite excited the first time I saw a metallic compact toy car.This came as a gift to Muhindi,my little calm brother.I felt jealous at first,little did I know that this would make the end of my toy making days for him,breaking the beautiful bond of big brother little brother we had built over the moments we spent together on that broken tractor trailer.

The toy making din’t end completely as lil brother was later to dismantle the new glossy metallic toys to see what lay on the insides.This obviously meant the complete disintegration of a once compact machine and death of the same.

Amidst his tears on spoiling his beautiful toys and in torrents for that matter,I would always come up with ingenious ways in the name of salvation.Carton and box toys and in extreme cases wire replica toys or even used cans had to be born to save the day.Truth be told the joy and smiles amid tears was always worth the effort I put in.

So for a moment,let me kill myself with nostalgia as I reminisce those beautiful wet days.

For others it signifies the call or chants to mating like in the wild whilst to some it is a gloomy season say the single hunchies,haha.To me however,it reminds me of all the beauty God has taken me through ….

To be continued.. ..


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