THAT BORING START:the sketches of me.

It all started one evening,I was bored and needed some juice up the drain,I mean,something that felt different from my daily routine.

Guys speak of 6 to 6.I guess I was the 4am to 8pm kind of guy.In other’s lips I was an actual go-getter.The kind of guy you would introduce to your dad with pride.Tell him how much of a hard-worker this guy you met was.Your beautiful seven kids plus the one you are now expecting would never go hungry so dad you have to understand why I love this guy.

Did I just mention you met?with seven kids and expecting another lil bastard?O PePa,you must find me crazy at times am sure.As I scratch my head I lose me too into moments I din’t quite get the full breadth of what I just said.

So here I find myself just like most others have before.Nothing special about me however,truce to tackle though is that I am on a path of discovery….seven kids and now I am discovering myself,quite laughable I must admit within even as I scratch my now balding head.

Balding,turning 31 in a few days and 7kids to my elbow.I mean we weren’t quite that huge of a family you know?And this right here plays ball to the expansion graph.

Someone help me here,a graph that rises in Mathematics or better still in Commerce was a good graph,right?

So why is my graph perceived as absurd at this point?I mean my nuclear graph….O boy!



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