PEACE &GRUMBLE. #reflections#lifesketches#choices#

The easiest outlook is a complaint

In times of turmoil as the heart grows faint

A grumble may come out quite smoothly

As on the surface it quietly grows

Deeper still it is a drain

A drain from which I dread to tread

Though tread would seem like a saunter by the beach

Or better still a brisk to yet reach

The gardens yonder in the cool of afternoon breeze

So my tongue for now I choose to hold

Still as complaint may escape and fold

Into treacherous twists and the heart make cold

Cold as nights that stray into winter

Winter for now at bay will I keep

Hence peace in place of complaint may sleep.



11 thoughts on “PEACE &GRUMBLE. #reflections#lifesketches#choices#

  1. I love the way you threaded each thought into such a fluid and cohesive structure. I’ve often complained in the past and I realized it was nothing but a pointless waste of breath. Keep moving forward has now become my mantra. Lovely write Pepa ❣️

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      1. Haha, I’ve been under a dark cave with a lantern illuminating only my books that I have to study for entrance exams. 😄 And I’ll retreat to my cave, but I’ll enjoy the daylight for a while. 😄 How have you been, sir?

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