FOR THE LOVE OF WARMTH:Sketches of an attendant pt2.

I remember a friend once briskly told me that as you grow a little older so do you learn more patience little by little.

I am seated at the corner of this rather deserted restaurant,or maybe I could call it hotel cafe,I honestly don’t know which is which save for the fact that I’ve been seated here for quite sometime now.

You would definitely wonder why am complaining yet we breeze into cafes or restaurant joints to sit and maybe have a drink or two..of what,that would be a choice better left to the persona in question.

Well,that is exactly my point,I calmly walked in,this attendant was by the cash desk when I did,smiled at me and made me feel very welcomed.

I go on to look for a place to sit,naturally though,I would expect him to show me a seat or ask me where I would love to sit,albeit pretentiously,a gesture to which I would feel honoured by,smile and say thank you.In short he would have made me feel like the most important person even though am coming in to spend only a few hundreds,hundreds that would soon turn into thousands with regular visits prompted by hospitality.

Well,this little welcome gesture I would have overlooked if I din’t have to sit down at an empty corner table that was unclean from its previous occupants’ departure.

I can be quite petty PePa but you must be sure used to me by now buddy,huh?But please help me understand why after sitting down at this unpleasant table

  • (note however,I picked it as the view was quite something to say the least,I love looking outside at people as they each attend to there precarious whiles,cars hooting at others and others scratching others,angry commuters and pedestrians alike and most often you won’t miss a pretty face pass-by that will sure warm your stiffening heart)

So why must I rise up again and go call an attendant to come attend to me?the repetition of attend and attendant being quite obvious at this point…

Yes I rose and went hailing the attendant who seemed quite chuckly and sorry at the same time,what for am not sure as I am not even offended at this point,just bewildered in amazement.See why people get in and out of employment every other time?Poor service is the answer….

I am a sucker for good service and my motto says,”Serve me dirt but please wrap it in love and I will take it home and make sure I tip you before I leave”

When you bring the water bottle to table,please ask if I would love it open or closed?Is this too much to ask?I mean,let us have a silly albeit healthy conversation.Exchange stupid niceties that mean nothing to us yet so much for the soul….

O lady in red,here you walk in and find me in the middle of my ruminations,O you have no idea how much pain you saved these attendants Today.You are late but they have helped my patience in waiting for you.



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