Not basic-:The sketches that peril my world.

Nothing basic here,right from your glowing watery eyes I can feel the ooze all around me.I wish it was superficial but it is hence championed by all the night-scented flowers that release all their sweetness into the air.

I am masked if not my senses and nostrils for that matter by this aroma that is so overwhelming.They all call to me deeper into their essence but truth be told I am sincerely all but absorbed into you.

First glance and for all vanity am stuck on your nose-ring.Not the first I have ever seen but maybe a first on such perfection of gloss.It flows down to your lips that wear a lining of dark.Your lips I could linger upon with my gaze but I want to stay pure.An action that drains all my energies.

Why so much perfection to draw my being into?It is a peril I can’t fight against.I wish your smile was smug and stupid but no,it is an artist’s perfection.A picturesque,yes you are making me weak in all the wrong places and I want to escape.I run into the music tantalising my ears and draining my soul in the air but your pull is ever so magnetic am drawn into your space all but in once.

Your smile matches your lip gloss and peril is on me when my gaze wanders off your artistic glam lips,over and yonder to your smooth powdered face.This stupid gaze that I can’t withhold as I ask for your name.You answer with a confidence of a con-woman and my eyes find rest in your eyes,I am drawn and unconsciously your name matches all you are.

Mama thought about your name and needed not to consult papa for she too saw it in you all along…yes that you were the true description of a fairy tale linked up to a prince charming and all your energies oozed to the extremes.

Your name,I wish I could remember it for your eyes drew and tore me apart.Now am here still trying to trail my fingers to this beauty that oozes through my space.We are miles apart and I can’t live within myself.Till I put my fingers upon those lips and take a deeper gaze into those eyes,I can’t remember them but I want to drown into them…right into your soul.

I will call you my peril for now.Yes the sketches that peril my world.


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