LITTLE ACTS OF CHARITY: Sketches of starvation.

Little acts of charity,little beautiful amazing and heart-touching acts of charity.This is what is playing in my mind as I think of an amazing story I can share Today.

Right above and on the windward the sun glows beautifully on her way down.You must now go to rest I speak to her,you have been a menace of real torture in temperatures.A bright cloud beautifully crawls right in front of her to ease off the heat.

Well,I come to and now realise that it has been quite sometime;with it was this amazing trip into oblivion.A trip filled with immense ruminations,entangled in the sketches that wedge beautifully into this amazing masterpiece that is my existence.

In the air I catch this amazing ballard that is more a love song than a melancholy of nostalgia;
I’ve just got to let you know
Because I wonder where you are
And I wonder what you do
Are you somewhere feeling lonely?
Or is someone loving you?
Tell me how to win your heart
For I haven’t got a clue
But let me start by saying I love you

This is Richie Lionel himself,a total captor of deep and unrelenting emotions.Sure love can fill the air even in the most unwarranted of places.That lies in my background though,music as I have come to realise lately sounds much better from my back than when it is blaring right in the front of me.Still it could just be the rhythm and softness in this that sure teases,calms and plays games with my nerves.

It is mid-week and truth be told I honestly wish this was a Friday evening.Why Friday?I guess because Saturday only leaves me with one more day of peace and calm from all the bleets,baas,honks and hoots that come with each weekly frenzy.

Speaking of frenzy,this has been quite a twisted one to say the least.Starts off with hunger hitting the Northern part of our country.A highlight I can’t miss though is the twist of irony in society.

Remember a live concert going down from one of our celebrities a few weeks back?(at this point I lose meaning of who a celebrity really is as I have seen quite a variance in meaning and display lately)This however,is a well-known singer or call her dancer for a wider understanding.A mother of not one,two or even three but if my guess ain’t too distorted then five beautiful babies(a budding adult included)

Wondering why am talking about our queen from the lake-side?It is the act of her pulling a show that left many tongues wagging that is of contention,praying contention is what this was all about.While others are wagging their tongues,a different block of skeptics was condemning her utter display of shamelessness and unwanted mannerisms in our country and not for our adulting little girls.

Most if not all of us took to social media(that great evil and gift to the global village)and condemned how bad an influence and role model she was being to our little daughters.This was sharply and quickly followed however with an expected disclaimer and trail of defence and harsh words from the lake-side hailed queen.She is well known not to mince her words,let alone hold them back.When I say hold back you know she never holds back or have any qualms.After all,she is not your daughter’ role model,in her words that is,as she can’t be one even to her own daughters,quite ironical I must admit.

In a twist of fate however,and with few weeks past,the same unconventional role model frowned upon and flagged down by our bloggers and social media watch and a cross-section of media personalities becomes a “saviour in disguise”.She comes up with ingenious plan to collect funds,funds for hunger on hearing tales of our hunger stricken Northern county.

A span of twenty four hours’ collection rolls out hundreds of thousands in self-willed charity fund.Amazing is not enough huh?Where was the social media watch frowning at her when this help was needed?What of the back-lashers too?So now do you realise that love covers a multitude of sins?Well maybe not the right way to pass this but I pray it rings a bell now..

Since that drive however,I have seen more posts of truckloads (beats the point of giving if it is for show)of foodstuff and other utilities posted on social media by our honourables.Well,I thought bills and solutions would have been passed and laid beforehand to curb and mitigate such unpleasant and controllable calamities,calamity funds disbursed and checkers put in place all in time?I just thought though.I will be excused from delving much into this though,right PePa?

Back home though,I remember not more than two days ago,in walks this usually very calm client.He beams his warm hello and reports he was just passing regards.Before he leaves however,he narrates about his employer’s intention to cut off a portion of every employee’s salary in aid of those starving.

His reaction to this was both hilarious and priceless.He intimately warned that no one should dare touch his salary unless he feeds his family.That if they did they should also cut off his head.

In this hard economic times and climatic narrations no one wants jokes on their hard-earned and flinching incomes.Not after taxes have been levied and people paid to implement the constitution,in the process of which billions get lost in scandals created and henceforth dissolved overnight.Not when a billion,say two or the tune of 100’s is treated like a mere lunch bill in the hands and pockets of some of our honourables.

Noooo PePa refuses too,not when billion dollar scandals are covered by reshuffles and counter reshuffles.Not when one person can donate a truckload of food from we don’t know where whilst another goes to jail for failing to clear a thousand bob debt.You think he was a bad borrower?Ask me and I will tell you nope he wasn’t.Another if not many owe him 100’s of thousands but he was being patient in waiting for payments when a third party lacked the morality of patience with them.

No still becomes viable.Not when one stashes away billions under a safe house in stolen government loot and walks free whilst a chicken thief gets locked up;and yet another gets thrown away from family and friends for an alleged and unproven rape case.Did I mention the chicken thief with a ten year sentence rotting away versus the upper hand who accidentally shoots their kin?

Well,my pen inches off with a drain to the ink as the lustre on the once beautiful clouds windward is now fading.The swoosh of the wind through the umbrella trees slows down as the previously glorious sun edges behind the horizon.A pointer that PePa must now unwillingly take leave of rest and let the rest of you devise the best course of action.To love or to pretend to survive.

Are we starving from hunger or are we malnourished from our own gluttony and lack of humanity?Just think for a moment,if all the funds availed was put into good use and equitably distributed then would our dear Turkana county need food aid?Wouldn’t it be all sufficient?But no,let us eat our fill first.



2 thoughts on “LITTLE ACTS OF CHARITY: Sketches of starvation.

  1. She is an amazing woman. God bless her and generation….. God bless you too Pepa. You have said it well she is a queen. She has a golden heart and big heart of humanity.


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