FOR THE LOVE OF WARMTH:Sketches of an attendant.

She watches you come in and many others in her wake,she watched me the first day I did,more like a guardian angel.Always aloof yet so present.

In my skin I would have gotten tired of this routine but not her,not those eyes that have so fast grown affection and the glint of warmth uncommon to many.I mean different faces everyday,sometimes arrogant seething eyes and mean in most.The habit of most clients.

It takes effort to evoke genuine warmth and smiles out of them you know?But not to her,the charm is effortless and always achieves desired effect.Like she was built,formed and sired for this very job.You know the way the glove fits perfectly you would think it was made as a mould with the fingers?Yes now picture that level of perfected welcome and treatment.

She walks to your table and you gaze off your wandering thoughts,bringing them in unison with her smile,they meet and she inquires of your comfort(now why in the world would you care whether am comfortable or not unless you wanna drag me down the drain.)Something I find strange for a total stranger,the irony and conflict of words huh?

The sincerity in the inquisition though I would term as state of the arts if such an observation holds water.I would conclude that the rigorous training in care school brought out such decent untainted and honest concern but no,no school teaches you true manners save for societies expectations.Only a sincere heart and love for oneself brings out such beautiful sincere care.

So with her sticky smile if I may not say infectious you find yourself return it and it comforts all your breaking worries.She is African so to her motherliness comes natural,not to taint other races but what can we,a third world castigated selves pride in save for our heartfelt sincerity and inborn warmth and tenderness?

Well for the wives who take no good care of their husbands you will forgive me but right here,right here stands the very reason your husband won’t come home early in the evenings,not cuz he is philandering but because he finds genuine concern and care he would pay for in this beautiful African beauty.

Thank God she is not from the lake-side for then you would cry all obscenities.Still with her heart she can carry the whole world.She is a woman and hence with it comes the strength of frame and heart of steel though this time wrapped with flowers and scents of beauty.

Doesn’t mean she is perfect,no,she fights her own insecurities but her strength comes from the fact that despite her weaknesses and worries,she would rather see her clients happy than dissatisfied.And it lies in the warmth she emits.

So she doesn’t serve because she has a job and must make a living but she does it because deep down,it makes her human,kills all the animal in her and in its place fills her up with the joy of seeing another with a genuine smile and appreciation.

So will you be able to tip her,does she deserve that or even more?I know not but for my peace of mind,I will,even though she is paid at the end of the month,what she offered was more than her job description.Choice is your’s though.

She is my favourite attendant.Call her Dale Today,for Tomorrow I may not be allowed to see her again.

Ps who is your favourite attendant or whom do think ever deserved a tip or recommendation from you?write their names in the comments.



4 thoughts on “FOR THE LOVE OF WARMTH:Sketches of an attendant.

  1. This is a great way to show appreciation and admiration! Loved the post and I really believe we should appreciate all these people that serve us in restaurants, hotels or elsewhere, especially when they are always nice and smiling despite what life are throwing on them
    Great share 🙂

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    1. Totally true @huguetta …you know what made me happiest?She cried when she read the script and I just had to post it…..Everyone deserves to be appreciated in life.Thank you.

      Liked by 1 person

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