LETTING GO OF YESTERDAY;the sketches of withdrawal.

Come now and let us walk,let us throw away the pieces that made our eyes tear Yesterday,let us forget the pain,that cut deep through our souls and marrow…it all lies in the past.

Still plays a trick on the mind and down in your sleep you toss and find your soul pulled back,back into the darkness,back into the reminder,that you were better Yesterday.

All a mind game,so what if you had a good Yesterday,so what if life was fun then,so what if you did great things then?Yes it all lies hence but not to stop your tread thus,not to hold your drift here…no…not to push you into oblivion.

So come hold my hands and I will lead you to paths un-treaded,I will open your eyes from the deep sleep that brings no solace.Come take a leap with me into the depths uncharted,to the blues of the deep that have a mellow not sang before.

Yes,walk with me and together we could find the projection into a future not seen or felt before.Because Yesterday is just but a memory,one you can’t hold onto,one that has no grip on Today….

So come and merry in this moment with me ;sit right here where the wind takes the skies homage and the red skies light up the ends of the ocean with remission and a hope to see beyond borders….

Take a dive with me if the air is not enough.For with every wrong step made and with breath still in our nostrils we have a wave of possibilities right in our breadth.

So yes,come take this leap with me PePa.


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