EAT AND BE MERRY:the sketches of acquaintances.

“A thousand words on your lips,a thousand thoughts in your mind?All amazing and so well knit,you are the kind of man who would sway me off my feet if words had that effect on me,”these she said with those big beautiful lips,haha,I remember she called them full lips.

Full lips?I din’t know they came in this amazing shape of fullness of life and warmth.Always thought it came with nicely done lipstick and a liner to the base you know,a total replication of the amount of time spent behind the mirror.With raging questions of Queen Ravenna in Snow white and the huntsman.She would look at the mirror and naturally aspirated ask,”Mirror mirror on the wall,whose the fairest of them all?”

Well,I laugh about it and play back my day,a series of clips if not an actual season’s play.The trails my mind and heart so dread but hey PePa,these are the trails that so liven our path you see?

Back to my morning though,waking up can be quite a task for sure.Who even said we have to fight this battle every morning?Truth be told,whether it is a Monday or a Sunday,now waking up,that has so often than not been an uphill task for me if not to the most of my like out there.

A stretch of arms and twist upon my sheets helps not in this excruciating exercise.Will this throbbing headache really allow me to go to Church Today?Even God would sure have a clue into the sorrows I face right now I guess,huh?Perfect excuse for a lazy Sunday morning struggle of waking.Even if the famous Dj C.K called me for a million bucks this morning I wouldn’t go forth for the same,wait a minute!!!Did I hear a million bucks?Now this I would wake up so quick…but it is Church,God will understand huh?

So for a moment this bolts up my brain and I see my folly:wake up for money but not for my God,goodness me!Now when did I or so many of us discard all our priorities so fast?

With such a painstaking realisation I draw away my duvet so heavy on my lazy body and stretch out my entire frame.Crackles up like a nut-cracker,like a wood monger actually stretched me out the whole night.Aaaaaggggh!!! And I drag my lazy bones out of bed and down on my knees for prayers.

Damn it! My head throbs more but I tell the devil,”No not Today,not now not ever again.”So I give thanks and hit the shower for that soothe and relaxation that so takes away all the tired in me.Especially when that warm trickle hits my neck…meeen,even the masseuse’s delicate fingers can stay away at this moment.

So my body stops crying foul and I know this is an amazing day right from the smell in the air.Sliding on my sheds(hiphop crankers call them stunners),am off in a vroom and in Church I arrive.Praise and worship is done but at least am not missing Today’s sermon.Not after I was taught to be a good listener the previous Sunday.So all my energy levels are off the ceiling and sure we are taught to eat.Ever been taught by your preacher to eat in Church?Hahaha,today we was.

So eat we sure ought to cuz as it dawns,great conversations don’t actually start with a Guinness but they sure do start with a great meal,a stoke of laughter and a bounty of joy.So I tease Sony my friend how we need to eat Today and we should get a friend to do so with.

Sermon is great and ends with laughs and hugs…we hang back on after and I actually realise this Church has beautiful people.No wonder people meet amazing persons in Church and thereafter we hear announcements of jingles of marriage and sometimes happy ever after.Hahaha quite a classic tale of love huh?If only those fairies still flew in by night and hid on our backs by day….

In swings this classic tale of African seduction,the one that makes you think twice about your initial thought of being a senior bachelor.But then you are a gentleman and from Today’s sermon,you just want to meet another friend,have a great conversation and be at peace with all your stars.

Conversation rolls in and lunch tops list in a twist of let’s call it fate Today.I love how the constellations sometimes just realign to play in my favour.Like I can virtually see Orion the hunter give way to Taurus the bull to Charge through into an encounter with pisces,gemini and even scorpio.

Geez!!!see how I easily lose trail if left to my whiles?Well then,this is how a beautiful afternoon should be,I love my preacher for Today as this joke of food is proving to make best of friends out of an encounter borne from a single smile,handshake and subsequent mince of laughter and words.Across the table and bolted on her beautiful chubby face are these deep brown eyes,held into sockets filled with warmth and flow of beautiful eye shadow,brow nicely brushed away and lashes mascara’d so delicately she would beat Snow white.

Snow White,Oh poor girl,why did you have to go through so much pain to find true love?Haha(evil laugh)I think your prince charming was right here in East Africa and you had no planes back then to come find him,and you was busy looking for a tall dark and handsome to come sweep you off with a kiss of life(wewe shinda huko Germany na mimi niko Kenya).

Well,phones all stashed away,Sony in their world of smiles and chunking down the thighs of chicken amidst gobbles of drinks,laughter rents the air as Leu Mu is all but a bunch of heaven-sent this afternoon to tear my heart apart with laughter and trails of childhood.She would literally finish a whole pack of serviettes and wet wipes for her tears of joy but she ain’t about to mess up her mascara and explain she is happy and not crying to the on-looking puzzled attendants.

I try to hold my behind on these cushioned seats but no,the laughter is a total craze of jolly and extremities I can’t contain.So is this what happiness is all about?Bottled up in small bouts of joy and encounters with strangers who then grow into acquaintances?Acquaintances who then make you realise that your once small cocoon of loneliness and self-pity is not all that exists in such a big world of hearts so open and ready to receive a once broken heart?

I must admit at this point that however much I have so trained and guarded my heart against out-pours and welcoming strangers,sometimes it don’t hurt a bit to just let go and be yourself,to take on a single moment and magnify it,not actually losing oneself but relishing the little bits that make life worth smiling at.

Yes I don’t take the credit from the moon and the stars,not even from my sunsets and rises,but Today can I just grasp onto this very moment and enjoy some light skin moment.?

Take a chance,take a moment,throw caution to the wind and let it breeze through your heart.Find yourself in the maze and try to live just every moment as it comes,share a meal and get lost in the moment.Then enter the sketches of acquaintances.


7 thoughts on “EAT AND BE MERRY:the sketches of acquaintances.

    1. Thanks a lot for your kind words,in a world full of fakes,we can only grasp onto and enjoy the little pockets of happiness life throws our way.

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