THESE STREETS AIN’T LOYAL:the sketches and perils of a Nairobi inhabitant.

Quite a day that has been and with the setting of the sun is such welcome joy.I hitch-hike my brother’s canter ride and drop off at the slip into Globe round about.I quite admire his lorry-driving skills and how he manually shifts the gears,something I find quite a hustle in these stress-stricken moments and the dawn of the automatic automobiles.

Well,I hike off and am soon inside my automatic tarmac treader,phone plugged into auxiliary and music sipping through to calm away the sorrows of the day and the 34°c heat that was.My friend Sylvia calls it a total meltdown in literal sense.I concur.

Earlier on though,to the events that lengthened my day and week,let me get back to Monday 25th.They say Mondays come with Sunday blues but mine rose from quite a disoriented one.

Filled with confusion and a determination for closure and discovery(call it self-actualization).

These paths I always dread though in the midst of confusion,heart-ache and excruciating pain,once through which,all resolve wanes into oblivion.Rescue to which is brought by nothing but truth.

Did you know however that with the quest for truth,along comes pain and broken frames with it?They say seek the truth and it shall set you free.Free from what they never said.I hence tell my heart that with truth shall come freedom of peace and maybe expression.

“Expression?Haha,I always thought you was the most vocal person Jay,”asks PePa,O no PePa,vocal and expression ain’t no bed partners you know?

Reason for this episode though isn’t really pursuit for truth but cutting through the chase,truth was found and with it came pain and broken vessels and cartilages of frame.A bleed was evident and still takes route.

Fast forward through to my present Friday evening.I am relieved from the week’s extreme events and pressure now brooding a sweat.A culmination of long phone calls,multiple misunderstandings,extraneous days and unending bills.All topped up with insincerities and disappointments to quip.Phewks!!!

My day is done and with this phone plugged into auxiliary,I recline into my bucket seat.Comfortable to say the least.If it could do the honours the BMW seven series long wheelbase edition does then I would be home and high.Speaking of the BMW 7series,apart from being the ultimate driving machine,this girl’s seats do a total head,torso to thigh massage,haha,almost sounded like thai massage.Hit down on the throttle and the sexy monster will jolt you into the horizon with sheer agility.

This however my companion is no AutoTrader car review so on I go.My soothing classics together with The Afters gospel hits help ease my wary nerves previously crying foul not more than seconds earlier.

A call comes through the speakers interrupting my music.Thank God I have no ringtone as I would have missed this call in my drift.My pressure on the accelerator pedal eases as am resigned to slow down on my onslaught.With thoughts having blazed through the panoramic sunroof,this is an utter pleasant call.

Am just getting started with this call and another persistent one comes through,not once,twice or thrice but up to the count of four and I thus relent and pick it up.

“HALLO,BRO HAKI NAOMBA UNISAIDIE,”deep and almost pleading(bro,am honestly in dire need of your assistance)is the voice on the other end.I find myself at a halt along Limuru Road just across Gigiri’s Dominos.My heart sinks as I hear the voice of plea from mine own blood.

“But bro I told you to drive carefully,”I quip through as I feel a surge of anger,pain and near disappointment rip through my veins and blood cutting through my heart.

“Calm down buddy,calm down,now breath it all in and then out,now let composure take form and please remember it is an accident that needs quick response,it could have been you,”this guardian angel who has helped me so much through my anger management assures me almost charmingly.

I calm down instantly,much to my surprise.With a breath of air as I wind down my windows,I make a few calls.The rage surges up and down again as I am literally pleading with the now wrecked matatu owner so as to come to an amicable agreement.

Did you ever realise that family and close friends are the only people who can almost if not bring you to tears?You care about them so much it only stops when they are okay?

The phone calls end in no reasonable agreement and in less than ten minutes,acceleration,power and speed get me under the globe round about overpass.Seconds later,mama whom we hadn’t quite agreed on phone gets too to the scene.

On my arrival,my brother looks like he is literally grasping onto salvation and is pleading with his eyes.I sweep over him with my eyes and ask if he is okay and not hurt anywhere.First thing he says is,”Am sorry bro,it was an accident.”I tell him to calm down and am to be honest so glad he is fine and in awesome shape.

Nothing weakens me more than an honest apology and right now all anger wades off just by the fact that he is okay,unscathed and that only the Walokana sacco matatu is ripped at the back.

I said ripped,right?A rip to which mama retorts,”So is this the rip why you were shouting obscenities and demanding a ransom-like payment?”I hold my tongue in disbelief and request mama to calm down.Something am sure I can’t achieve now as this same management has taken me ages.

Truth is they was asking for way too much payment but what do you do when all odds are against you but be calm?Not that any of us had that kind of payment anyway but it had to be found and please don’t ask why am not even thinking insurance right now.Truth is that my brother was at fault.Not that being at fault is evil in any essence but when dealing with hungry matatu(local transport co-operations)touts and their owners thereof,a simple fault could easily escalate to a murder-like situation around here,add to it the current economic pang and relapse and it could be an actual case of murder or robbery with violence your honour.

My pockets are bleeding but worse though is the lack of apathy in society and in these touts thereof.I once thought that the same kindness and sanity I so treated people with when at fault with me was the same I would receive in a same like situation but O PePa,not in this world,and especially not in this city under the sun I suppose as am met with a head-banging rude shock.(Either you pay the said amount or the cars go to the Central police)

A famous singer once sang,“Tenda wema nenda zako wee,usisahau Mungu anakuona,”(do good and go on your way and don’t forget that God is watching).It made sense right now.

Now this evening I learn two things,anger management and that these streets ain’t loyal.I,after loads of contemplation,settle the demanded amount and I must admit the relief on my brother’s eyes was worth more than I could ever ask for.He swallows painfully but with total gratitude words can’t form.I allow him to drive on as he assures me total carefulness.Mama leaves and so do the relentless touts.

Am left shaking my head as I look to the skies,dark and un-assuring.PePa looks on and I sigh deeply in retrospect.I whisper to the higher being and tell him he knows better.

These streets ain’t loyal and these are the perils of a Nairobi inhabitant.City under the sun.



2 thoughts on “THESE STREETS AIN’T LOYAL:the sketches and perils of a Nairobi inhabitant.

  1. This is Nairobbery my friend and every one is trying to survive with his/her own means so maybe to you thought the tout was wrong but in his/her aspect its was right because no one thinks in a wrong way its just that we dont think the same way which in turn you may see like some is doing wrong but to him/her its right.nice piece of article there you have keep it up my bro.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahahahah well put @Voke west but what if for a moment we stopped thinking only about ourselves?Just for a moment and fit into the other’s shoe?


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