The sun burns high and the scorch there-from sure relentless.It is the 16th of a hot January afternoon.The clouds hang loose,not sure whether to drift away with the blowing wind or to hold together and make a formidable force.

Am leaning on the rails overhanging this busy bus terminus,I stare into my phone hoping for a call from her,wait for a moment and no call.My mind hence takes a drift into the hot air around and across the intersection of this road that heads to Mama Ngina street,right past City Walk shoe shop.

City walk,an amazing shop it is just for the mentions.Always lures me into it even when my pockets are proving quite deep,thank God I grew out of impulse purchases for then I wouldn’t have been able to afford this pack of orbit gums now nestling my pocket.

Pack of orbit gums?I have a pack of orbit gums my friends,come one come all and see this miracle.It is a miracle as I had stopped chewing gum over 8 years back,you know those habits teacher used to spank us for doing back in Primary school?Yes,I grew out of bad habits now that am all grown,hahahah my mother should hear me say am all grown,now that in her mind am still her little baby.If only she knew the things I have done these past few years,dammmn!(now these are the portions the editor should edit out just in case this piece lands on my mum’s lap cuz I will have to go into details of what I have done and how good a son I have been,or bad maybe?)am honestly not ready with an explanation to the same effect now that I have literally grown wary and out of lies.

Did I mention the sun was scorching hard on my now balding head,that is how I spot the chemist over my back and keeping in mind my friend loves gums I am led into it(as I escape the lowering sun heat) to get her this pack.It looks quite appealing,valentine’s should be here right now so we get done with the gifting part.

PePa did you hear gifting?I love how it rolls off my tongue as I sync it out.Quite sexy I must admit I have to re-say it again.This time with oomph!

So still on that,so we are two people who are crazy about each other(keep in mind this is an open thought)right?What controls when,how and why I should give and for what reason I should give.I mean when they said every action must have a reaction,not that am disputing but I find myself in protest,arms outstretched.When they said that did it have to stop us from just living each moment as it came and not putting so much pressure on a single day?I mean these are the same things that cause the troubles upon a struggling boy-child huh?

But he has to match up and with all the looming frenzy of valentines’ day giftings he must sure than not have to put in a little more effort you know?I mean if he doesn’t,another might just outsmart him at this very simple game,simple?And forgive me for saying game cuz this is a sure determinant of whether he will win the prize or not.Hahahah valentines’,you will be the death of us.

Now what if he meets a woman who doesn’t need gifts?Wants quality time and a mind to relate with?Boy you gotta up your game,I don’t know if you gotta be a stalker but whatever pays must be put into play right now,huh?

Well,away with the gifts and all,the city is abuzz not with lots of business but with constant bus honks and traffic screeches,tout shouts and the bangs of their hands on the bus sides,”Beba beba,” a favourite of mine though has always been,”Wanyeseti,wanyeseti,fifty fifty,wanyeseti,” First few times I heard that it never really hit me that they meant a place called Wanye and another Satellite,I always wanted to know where Wanyeseti was.

Zzz zzz zzz,my phone vibrates in my pockets and soon my distractions are ended as I pick up and there on the other side are those round gorgeous eyes,the ones that always distract me to the itching of my fingers and rise in perspiration…

I look to my left then right,then left again before I cross the road.All but excited.The frenzy of the hot Nairobi craze all but fades off my mind at this point as it is frozen to this very pleasant encounter.

I miss those days I used to wait for a girl at Kenya Cinema before we went for a chips and chicken lunch-date at Wimpys along Tom Mboya street(they have lately turned it into a Boom Twarf,twarf twarf kudoom twarf kinda place:they sell sound systems that is)across though is a loud ,”Viatu na bei,dada na kaka itabidi ung’are,viatu na bei,viatu na bei” you know those booming shoe stalls with loud adverts?Well,this would be followed with laughs and then a movie at 20th Century,James Bond,remember?Then after we had to rush home before dusk so as not to raise issues with mama.

All these memories kill me with nostalgia and this moment almost feels like so.

Bye bye January,with you always comes amazing memories.Enter the month of love.



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