SOCIAL INTERACTIONS:Sketches of distorted love.

Three,three youngsters seated round a coffee table,eating away their cheese burger,pancake and on a third plate a mountain of homefries.Each has a straw to the glass and lips tightly wrapped around the tips.

I always thought or had this perfect picture of what a coffee house entailed:a perfect crew of old friends who came to meet up,get lost in their joys and tales so much so that they only did little insecure sips on their mugs so as not to be kicked out by management.But this here is different.

One thing I can’t miss is that each young turk is holding a somewhat expensive smartphone.They must be from the elites of this town.One has the latest Samsung edge watching videos on youtube.The other,a lady,is on instagram and the dude to the left is scrolling through whatsapp,the interface/ layout on his iphone looks quite interesting,kind of complex I must admit.But suave still.

To my right walked in three adult afro-semitic males,quite jovial as they sit down and hurriedly make their orders,in a buzz almost.Ssshhhh,there is silence as I go back to my current read.Did they just order take-out?Anyway,I concentrate on this read almost full-heartedly.

THIS IS HOW YOU LOSE HER” by Junot Diaz.I stole it from someone’a status on facebook I guess as the title sounded like those 10 simple rules of keeping your love.It is interesting actually for someone who doesn’t delve much into novels being drawn to this.A thirst for true love I could call it.

This portion he is describing Magdalene as a bergenline original quite captivates me;short,with a big mouth and big hips and dark curly hair you could lose your hand in it.Forgive me as big mouths had been my fetish for quite sometime,at least when I still had fetishes.

So am basically drawn into this read and for a moment I quite lose my current surrounding.Hoping the writer of THIS IS HOW YOU LOSE HER doesn’t actually lose his love(but the nigga played her so why should he still have her anyway?)I return to and lift my head up straying to the right of the restaurant.

These phones meeen!!These are gadgets,super gadgets of total distraction and utter loss of social interactions(reminds me of my friend Dave who always reminds me everytime he is asking I pass him his phone,please handle it with care,it is the latest iphone X gotten for me by my loving wife,okay?)A joke I always find hillarious as I decline to handle the expensive gadget(phone).

PePa if you hadn’t realised,the kind of interaction you and I have is pure bliss,total untold communication and absolute,intellectual and mutual understanding okay?My afro-semitic immediate neighbours though,what can we call that?

My reader,I need you to help me understand what we call three male adults,sitting round a coffee table,eating expensive meals each holding a gadget of distraction on their left hands.They keep tapping onto the screens and flicking up and down with their indexes.Non is talking to the other and all seem quite comfortable in their own space.Am confused!

Once in a while one will look up,tap their neighbour’ shoulder and point something on their screens.This receives a nod of approval and they return to tapping and flicking.I look to my left at the lil champs in resignation and the tale has no tail either.Here though,there is an addition of ear-plugs,only difference between the older persons and this younger generation.Quite an advancement in growth I must admit,ear-plugs.

So for a moment I have to go back to my reading,to check if my dear narrator lost his love after finding warmth in another or if his lady thought she could out-beat the stolen warmth and stayed on.

For a moment here,I actually miss the sketches of diversity I previously found and art pesto.That buzzed up coffee shop I once told you about with all walks of life.I can’t help recalling a famous song as I feel lost in my space and time.

I miss the life,I miss the colours of the world,can anyone tell me where I am.Cuz now again I find myself so far down,away from the sun that shines into the darkest place am so far down,away from the sun again….

I mean,when did we lose beauty of actual social interactions and get so drawn into our own worlds of virtuality?That an actual simple conversation can’t hold without regular if not constant cell phone interruptions?or the frenzy of videocalls,facetime,or Instagram madness.In some,facebook updates or Twitter tweeps?

Where is the love and joy of friendships if we lose actual human heys,how are you’s and,don’t you look good Today?Oooh I love that match of your pants and rugged denim shirt man.Girl never seen your hair down,ever thought of cutting it?Bro when are we going down the countryside for a drive or to eat sugarcane by the riverside?

Where is the love if instead we get lost in facebook clicks and memes and Instagram likes and YouTube views?In process forgetting the tender touch of comfort and actual eye gestures of affirmations?

What happened to true genuine friendships?

Oooh the lady on THIS IS HOW YOU LOSE HER din’t go but stayed and she is all but giving the guy a headache.I think she is looking for honest and beautiful interactions.



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